Amuru, Nwoya: Govt confirms 11 new virus cases on Saturday

National—28, June 2020: Results from samples tested on 27 June 2020 confirm 11 new Covid-19 cases. A total of 3,386 samples were tested on Saturday—the Ministry of Health says, on Sunday morning.

Two cases were truck drivers among them: One from Mutukula and one from Busia points of Enty.

The total confirmed Covid-19 cases are now 859 for Uganda. There are also 794 total recoveries.

According to the Ministry via Twitter, nine are among contacts and alerts: 8 from Amuru while 1 is from Nwoya districts—northern part of Uganda.

“10 Covid-19 confirmed foreign truck drivers were handed over to their respective countries of origin.”

The Ministry also says 2,396 samples from Points of Entry were tested, and 990 samples from alerts and contacts.

To date, Uganda has recorded zero Covid-19 related death.

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