Postpone 2021 elections, Kwania MP, Tonny Ayo tells electoral commission

EC Boss Justice Simon Byabakama Mugenyi.

Kwania—25, June 2020: The latest electoral guidelines promulgated by the Independent Electoral Commission (EC) which has introduced a new terminology “scientific election” seems to be stinging aspirants across the political divide.

Initially, it was the opposition political politicians who accused the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party of colluding with the electoral commission to ban public rallies because it favours the candidature of President Museveni.

But now Tonny Ayo, the Kwania County Member of Parliament, is the latest NRM party legislator to resent the 2021 scientific electoral process.

Kwania County will be split into two according to a proposal from the cabinet which now awaits a blessing from Parliament paving way for the creation of Kwania North Constituency.

This means Tonny Ayoo will now contest in the new constituency.

His main challenger is most likely to be Emmanuel Ogwal Agweno who has since expressed interest to represent his people in the 11 Parliament.

While Apac district LC5 Chairman, Bob Okae will now run for the seat of the new Kwania North MP seat.

Speaking to local radio stations in Lira on Wednesday, Tonny Ayo said the 2021 elections in his view should be postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Ayo, the pandemic has left the electoral commission headed by Justice Simon Byamukama Mugenyi with little time to organise the elections, adding that even the guidelines that were recently issued will not favour most candidates.

For instance, Ayo contests that virtual campaigning on internet, social media platforms and radio stations for the case of local constituencies will disenfranchise the voters from physically interacting with candidates and to validate their manifesto (social contract).

Ayo argues that postponing the elections would give the electoral commission ample time to revisit its guidelines and to better organise a free, fair and credible election.

Geoffrey Ojok, a youth activist in Ogwil, Nambyeso (Abyece) in Kwania, however sharply disagrees with his Member of Parliament Tonny Ayo and described his proposal as “a selfish” move to extend the tenure of Parliament for six more months for their own selfish aggrandisement.

“I have never met former US President Barrack Obama, but I have known him through TV and audio-visual platforms,” Ojok tells TND News in his reaction trough a WhatsApp message.

 “Is Tony Ayo now the spokesperson of the electoral commission?” Emmanuel Ogwal Agweno reacted when asked by this digital newspaper.

Ogwal asserted that that the electoral commission are the experts in organising elections and the revised road map was harmonised with the Ministry of Health to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus in the community.

According to Ogwal, unless Parliament invokes Article 77 of the Constitution, the MPs and Mr Tonny Ayo should realise that their tenure of offices is ending and they must come back and a count to the electorates. But, he also observes that most of the MPs have failed their constituents and are afraid to come back and face them.

“First of all, Mr Tony Ayo should not be lamenting like an ordinary person from my village, he should raise this issue in Parliament but above all he should not speak for anybody else but himself,” Ogwal told TND News.

This week, Kyandondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi who’s also the Chief Mobiliser of People power Movement, addressed the press and vowed to defy the electoral commission by holding mass campaigns.

Mr Kyagulanyi, widely known as Bobi Wine, alleged that it was president Museveni’s idea to push the EC towards a scientific and virtual canvassing for votes because he fears the crowd that will be pulled by the opposition.

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