Police blocks UPC headed by Akena from accessing HQs to release 2021 polls roadmap

SG Fred Ebil Ebil reading polls roadmap outside party Headquarters in July. File photo.


Kampala—24, June 2020: Uganda Police personnel on Wednesday morning foiled Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party plan to release her 2021 polls roadmap to the public.

Uganda House, on Kampala road, Kampala is UPC headquarters. The offices are on the 6th floor where different media houses were invited to attend the roadmap release by the acting party secretary General, Hon. Fred Ebil Ebil.

By 10am, over 10 media houses had sent their representatives to cover the event. However, unfamiliar episode was when none of them (Journalists) were allowed to get near the automated entrance to proceed to 6th floor.

By that time, both UPC secretary general Fred Ebil Ebil and party spokesperson Michael Orach Osinde were already in the building planning to brief the media.

Soon, Orach came out and briefed the media. Listen to the audio below.

More from Mr Osinde in this audio.

“….and the OC has been here, he just walked away and he couldn’t make a statement as you show. Now, this is infringing our rights as UPC. One, to access our building…” frustrated Orach further told journalists outside the party headquarters on Wednesday.

Mr Orach was soon advised by the Secretary General, Mr Ebil Ebil not to “talk about it” with the former soon taking over the media address, announcing: “The issue is, ladies and gentlemen, we are having our roadmap today. We are releasing our roadmap today and our roadmap starts with the picking of the party nomination forms which starts on Monday. So, from Monday the party aspirants should pick the form and they have five days to pick the forms and all these will be done at the headquarters here.”

“Two, the party primaries will kick off scientifically. We are going to follow guidelines by the Ministry of Health. So, as we are preparing, we wanted to give you copies so you go with them but….” Mr Ebil added.

Earlier on, Mr Orach asked Nkrumah road police outpost Officer in Charge (OC) to explain why their party headquarters was under their control, but the OC and his aides walked away.

He (Orach) also told journalists that the Electoral Commission and IPOD had allowed them to move on with their political activities ahead of 2021 polls, some of which are now being frustrated by the police.

“UPC is a party that believes in dialogue. We can’t start scuffling and fighting with them. Our ideology is dialogue but someone is telling them to block us so we react,” UPC spokesperson added.

“[These] Police, we are the ones paying them,” he answered in response to police personnel hired to guard UPC headquarters and were ordered from above to “turn against them”.

Mr Ebil, however, released the roadmap out of their headquarters. He said those aspiring for MP seats will pay shs1m for nomination forms and shs20m for party President.

Police personnel were not alone, guards putting on Milton Obote Foundation (MOF) uniforms were both outside and inside the building monitoring the situation.

Patrick Onyanga, the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, could not be available for comments by press time on why Kampala police blocked UPC’s Wednesday key event.

Some party members loyal to Jimmy Akena claim that the Wednesday event’s sabotage was a plan by their enemies aligned to Peter Walubiri.

On Tuesday morning, Walubiri team released their road map ahead of 2021 polls with a call to all party aspirants to submit their academic documents for verifications.

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