Amuru, Kyotera: Contacts and alerts test positive for corona on Saturday

National—21, June 2020: The Ministry of Health has confirmed seven new Covid-19 cases for Saturday—bringing the total for the country to 770.

Two truck drivers from Points of Entry: One from Elegu and one from Malaba tested positive for the virus.

Five were among contacts and alerts, three from Kyotera and two from Amuru districts, respectively.

Uganda has registered 578 Covid-19 recoveries, and no death related to the coronavirus.

Twelve foreign truck drivers tested positive for Covid-19.

1,843 total samples from Points of Entry were tested, including 1,082 samples from alerts and contacts.

10 samples from health workers were tested Saturday, and all were negative. A total of 2,935 samples were tested.

According to more information on the official website of the Ministry, a total of 166,917 samples have so far been tested.

Also, 893 foreign truck drivers have been returned to their countries of origin.

Available data further shows that the Ministry has completed the follow-up of 8095 contacts.

On Sunday 21, June 2020, the Ministry of Health will issue out accountability on Covid-19 funds and donations. The event is at 3pm—local time.

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