Angwet-angwet I Lira: Residents ‘don’t want’ Covid-19 quarantine centre near them

Lira—19, June 2020: Locals in Angwet-angwet parish, Adekokwok sub-county in Lira district have risen against Lira district Covid-19 task force as it contemplates on relocating the district’s quarantine center to that area.

Lira Comprehensive school of Nursing and Midwifery has been and is still the isolation or an institutional quarantine center for Lira district and currently a home to 75 contacts.

The district task force says it is now full beyond capacity, which explains the reason for moving other contacts and alerts to Jerusalem school of Nursing in Angwet-angwet

But this move has been met with stiff resistance from the community of Angwet-angwet who say Jerusalem school of Nursing is poorly fenced and could facilitate an easy escape of contacts in quarantine, hence posing a significant danger to them.

The community on Thursday protested this latest proposal by the district. They say they were never consulted by the district task force headed by Lira Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Miton Odongo.

Mao Jimmy Okello, the area local council one chairperson of Angwet-angwet told the media Thursday that they are not opposed to any government intervention aimed at containing the spread of coronavirus but he noted that the district task force committed a grave mistake when it deliberately declined to consult the community and their leaders.

Jacinta Okello, another leader in the parish shares the sentiments of Mr Okello and could not hide her bitterness and frustration against the district task force adding that inhabiting Covid-19 contacts and alerts at Jerusalem school of Nursing will pose a great risk to the community.

“The fence of Jerusalem school is not over 1.5 meters in height and I am afraid the contacts will cross over the fence, they are violent, and we have children and the elderly with mow immunity amidst us,” Mrs Okello told Journalist on Thursday.

Eunice Joan Olum, a concerned resident, says she fears for children in the area around Jerusalem School of Nursing are below five years because they could easily mix up with the contacts since the school is just partially fenced.

“If they managed to escape the fence of Lira school of compressive Nursing and Midwifery, then we are not safe because Jerusalem is immersed within households,” Betty Alum, another resident told TND News.

William Obete, the parish development committee chairperson of Angwet-angwet parish has also lambasted the district taskforce for ignoring the local council structure and said it would have been prudent to consult with the community as opposed to imposing the quarantine center at Jerusalem.

As usual, Lira RDC Milton Odongo is always assertive and has called on the community to back off.

He says the community does not have any powers to block any government initiative and has vowed to deliver the set-up of a quarantine center at Jerusalem school of Nursing.

This week alone, five contacts escaped from the current isolation center at Lira school of midwifery and compressive Nursing and Lira RDC Milton Odongo has admitted there has been physical fights among the contacts and that some are engaging themselves in sexual morality.

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