Lira produce dealers protest relocation order 

Lira Mayor Mike Ogwang Olwa [M] and ex deputy Town Clerk Ogweng Patrick.

Lira—5, June 2020: Produce dealers are on Friday morning had a minor strike as they protest a move by Lira Municipal Council [LMC] authorities to relocate them to Railways Division.

They claim the new site that LMC has proposed is unfriendly; has no running water and sanitary facilities.

On Wednesday during a press conference, Lira Municipal Town Clerk David Kyasanku and Mayor Mike Olwa Veve announced that they would relocate produce dealers to Railways Division, just opposite the defunct Lira airfield.

Customers who turned up to buy grains Friday morning were turned away… “Our stores are closed, we are not selling, go and buy beans from the office of the Mayor and Town Clerk” the produce dealers told her customers.

Janet Ayoo, a produce dealer, says she is not ready to move to the new site because she has already paid rent for her current store, besides she has 10 orphans to take care of.

LMC says the decision was reached at to decongest produce lane and allow for social distancing.

Emmy Joe Odongo, the Central Division LC3 chairperson told TND News he went to the produce lane and talked to the produce dealers and appealed to them to cooperate with the Municipal authorities.

Mayor Mike Ogwang Olwa Veve has refuted claims that the new site lacks water and sanitary facilities.

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