Minister Katumba Wamala should further explain to all road users

A Police officer verifies a private car driver's document in Kampala. Courtesy photo.

By Dan Matsiko

Ntinda—Kampala, 29 May 2020: The Minister of Works and Transport also a serving military general is said to have issued stringent guidelines and orders which include but not limited to; arrest and detention of any traffic offender for ten years.

I would like to interest myself with the locus of his sweeping guidelines and orders! Considering that road usage should be done with a high sense of consideration for other motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and our brothers and sisters in uniform; traffic police officers [to be precise].

With his sweeping orders of no fine or pleading for mercy, we should expect commotion on our public roads. Inconsiderate orders are extremely dangerous to all road users.

First, the gallant officers’ lives are put in extreme danger where motorists like the one around Katabi in Entebbe area was stopped by a traffic officer but the motorist ran over the police officer and eventually the police officer died.

Secondly, it was also reported in Iganga or Mbale where a boda boda man was stopped while carrying a passenger and instead of a rider stopping aside; he knocked a traffic officer injuring him seriously.

There are many cases where you find officers in uniform want to enlarge an insignificant matter into a gigantic mountain!

For instance, I was shocked when a motorist stopped near a traffic officer by the roadside to ask him a direction and the officer jumped onto the motorist charging him with careless driving. The driver specifically stopped on a wrong side to ask for help from the traffic officer.

If such officers are not properly trained to deal with members of the public in a courteous and friendly manner, then regrettable cases will continue to soar and we risk seeing a lawlessness country called Uganda soon.

Let us not use our political offices to cause miseries of torture, financial loses to fellow citizens by charging them with flimsy and tramped up charges.

Dan Matsiko addressing Journalists in Kampala early this year. Photo Courtesy.

The Minister should further guide the nation on his alleged stringent guidelines and orders to motorists. We wish to see law and order at all times, not hooliganism and anarchy on our roads.

I thank you,

The author is a presidential hopeful in 2021 polls.

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