Lango clan chiefs unanimously condemn mob killings

Lango most respected animal and her symbol - Rhino. Internet photo.

By Justin Omara

Lango Clan Chiefs have called upon the members of the different clans whom they lead to end the current prevailing wave of mob killings.

The clan chiefs understand that the killings mainly originate from issues of land wrangles, theft, domestic violence and witchcraft.

In the recent past, a gruesome murder occurred in Aromo sub-county, Lira district in which two people lost their lives in a land wrangle.

In Aganga, Ibuje sub-county—Apac district, two people were speared to death. In Akuca, Ngai sub-county in in Oyam district some parents beat to death four people while rivalling over a school land.

Further, in Agweng Town Board, Erute North, Lira district, a man was speared to death over a land wrangle, and in Ogur sub-county, Lira district, two boys were beaten to death for stealing goats.

Earlier, such killings happened in Atirayon, Olilim sub-county in Otuke district where the assistant clan leader of Atek Okwerowee, Alfred Oluge was killed in a land wrangle and another man was also beaten to death in Otwal sub-county—Oyam over a school land wrangle. These, and many more, have destroyed Lango cultural norms.

The Clan Chiefs have called upon the people of Lango to stop staining their hands with blood since God punishes people very painfully, as it happened in the Bible.

The Clan Chiefs thus say:

1.            Whoever is vested with the jurisdiction of handling a land issue before them should do so in truthfulness and swiftly. Judges, more especially, should not take eternity in passing their verdict; this is what brings about the killings.

2.            The people of Lango should desist from rivalling over land that was given for development such as roads, railways, airfields, schools, health centers and churches. We the Clan Chiefs do not support whoever is rivalling over land, which was already given for a development purpose. But should such development occur, government should compensate the affected landowners.

3.            Our children from Lango must learn to work tirelessly to get clean means of livelihood but not theft. There is no native of Lango who can say they have no land because there is ancestral land and our land is not yet full to capacity; there is still plenty of cultivable land. Whoever has any such complaints should register with their clan leader, who will look for their ancestral land and give them their portion.

4.            We vehemently reject acts of witchcraft and the people of Lango must stop using evil charms which arouse public outcry against them since there is no smoke without fire.

5.            Aggression in families, which result into untold sufferings for children, women, the elderly and even men, is abhorrent to us. Domestic violence breeds poverty, disruption of children’s education, loss of money and jeopardizes the entire family life.

6.            All clan leaders starting from Adwong Otem/Amur should handle issues arising from their areas and immediately act on them without lenience or corruption. Should these people kill themselves because of your one-sided style of leadership, the clan will make you pay for the compensations that arise from the killing plus other punishments.

7.            Police bosses should listen to clan leaders but not dwell on hearsay. It is because of such tendencies of basing on hearsay that breed confusion among families in matters of land.

8.            Our children who have studied law and are lawyers, we are very happy with you for lifting high the name of Lango at all times. We pray that you continue with exemplary works that bring about peace, love among people and development for Lango. Therefore, should anyone come to you seeking legal representation, first investigate if their issue yields peace or not; let us not worry so much about money, which resultantly makes you support a liar. This creates antagonism, which brings about death. Try to the best of your ability to consult clan leaders, that they may give you clear information about such a person. This will make you argue out your cases and hence you will prosper in your work as well as develop our land of Lango.

9.            Lastly, Lango Clan Chiefs would like to thank all news reporters and the various media houses for ensuring a constant flow of information to all people once any act of aggression starts, as we hope to send early warnings about such acts so we stop them before they culminate into serious offences such as killings.



1.            Okello Oyo Peter—Bako Pelikori Abwor

2.            Abal Patrick—Arak Ongoda

3.            Ario Otema Alex—Apac Okwero Ngec Ayita

4.            Okwir Gunya Geoffrey—Ober Umolao Okwer Nguu

5.            Dila Oyuku Benson—Orupu Daganywar

6.            Okodi Levi Macpio—Atek Okwenye

7.            Anganya Alex—Otengoro Olang Okwer Wang

8.            Akora Maxwell—Oyima

9.            Omara Atubo Daniel—Otengoro Olang

10.          Opio George Rashid—Okarowok Malakwang

11.          Dickson Ogwang Okul—Pala Ocol

12.          Okello John Bosco—Bako Olang Otim

13.          Ajal James—Atek Alung Adolo

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