Covid-19 donations should serve the intended purposes

PRESIDENT Museveni has been requesting for donations since virus strike.

By Stephen Charles Olet

In the wake of the Covid-19 plague in Uganda, on many instances during his many national addresses on actions against Covid-19, President of the Republic of Uganda, Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has appealed unswervingly to investors and all well-wishers to contribute bigheartedly to support government’s efforts to battle the pandemic.

The President’s plea was responded to by donations both in kind and in cash from various individuals and companies and organizations.

One thing which worries me as a citizen of this country is whether those donations are being used for the intended purposes as recently, I read about the arrest of two people and dispersion of several others who were protesting government’s failure to provide relief food to them in Namungoona area in Rubaga Division, a thing which had the potential to sabotage the efforts which have so far been put against the coronavirus.

Many more other Ugandans could make more donations towards fighting Covid-19 but they may be demoralized once they don’t see what the donated money and items are being used for.

Much as the officials in-charge of receiving the donations assured citizens that accountability will be made for any single coin used from the donation, most of the vulnerable Ugandans may not be interested in the accountability’s paperwork but they may only be convinced that the donations were used rightly when they see and feel what the donations are being used for.

Any official who is looking at the Covid-19 donations as the right opportunity to fulfil his or her selfish interest doesn’t deserve to hold a public office and should be termed as an enemy of the State because this is not the time for enriching oneself but a time to unite and fight a common enemy that has the potential to cause massive damage and losses to the country.

Besides, it’s very inhuman for an already well-off individual to divert what is meant to help the entire country and yet there are some vulnerable individuals who are genuinely in need of help

The author is a concerned citizen


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