Poking holes in Museveni’s lockdown and curfew tactics

Dan Matsiko - Founder of New Form of Thinking [NFT] a political pressure group


By Dan Matsiko

Good afternoon, dear Citizens & all oppressed Ugandans.

I congratulate you upon completion of the current 14 days of additional lockdown and curfew and ask you to pray so hard to ensure the current NRM leadership does not gamble again with our lives by allowing more and more foreigners to arrive on our shores or ports of entry to bring the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic to this country.

As of yesterday, the cases of imported patients of coronavirus are standing at almost 80% of the 200 plus tested & confirmed corona virus people in the entire country.

Uganda is said to have no deaths regarding the current virus but Uganda perhaps has more deaths compared to all neighbouring countries in the diaspora, especially in Far East, Europe and America. It’s also highly questionable if not debatable that Uganda since January 2020 has no deaths from all positive cases confirmed.

In Somalia, we recently saw one Uganda soldier quarantined as he tested positive and several tens, hundreds and thousands of his colleagues quarantined. Since that time, nobody knows how many cases of Ugandans are positive within UPDF contingent based in Mogadishu. Yes, we continue to deliberately, import cases from neighbouring countries in the region at the expense and safety of almost 47 million people.

The other worrying part is that of Masindi district, where a police officer was discovered to have COVID-19, up to now its two weeks and all his fellow police officers, family members and community around him are up to this point deemed COVID-19 free, almost after 14 days in a state-managed quarantine. Yes, we believe Uganda has no fatal case of COVID-19.

If a viral report of Sunday night were true, that 105 cases were discovered from truck drivers coming from both Kenya and Tanzania, many of us would not fail to conclude that allowing truck drivers to continue entering the country is a huge gamble by NRM leadership to the lives of all Ugandans. Indeed, we still have no reason to doubt the regime and its official narrative after 40 plus days in the national curfew and lockdown.

Massive corruption

The country appears to be in a huge money- race in the middle of all this drama of no deaths but continued importation of positive cases through allowing victims to enter Uganda and deliberately infect the helpless population here.

First, it was reported in the Parliament of Uganda that massive billions in terms of supplementary budget were passed and State House received a lion’s share of that money together with the Security Ministry.  Now that one is an old story according to NRM leadership and apologists here and elsewhere!

Then, came in the presidential milking and begging of donations from locked up citizens and companies to donate to an imaginary cause with no deaths of positive victims but all confirmed victims continue to be harvested from neighbouring countries deliberately by the Yoweri Museveni led military junta of 34 years.

Last time, we were told donations had reached over 51 billion shillings both in cash and material items. Let us thank the unsuspecting people that gave in resources to tempt or lure the regime to keep the lockdown in place for over 60 days since March this year.

Also, a vote of thanks goes to International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World bank officials (WB) for being too gullible to Westernize and help cook the Ugandan crisis of coronavirus by granting more than Shs1.8 Trillion in loans to this shameless regime of Gen. Yoweri Museveni, and further sinking Ugandans into deep and huge debt burdens over majorly  coronavirus positive cases that are imported from basically Kenya & Tanzania under the regime’s pretext of allowing interstate businesses to flourish in the middle of a deadly pandemic. God have mercy!

The IMF has already approved a huge chunk of the money requested by the Uganda military junta and its officials that the Museveni government is determined to use coronavirus as a decoy to borrow from other five financial institutions using discoveries of positive cases from neighbouring countries as the bargaining talking point to qualify for the reckless borrowing and keeping citizens in a deliberate lockdown and curfew with virtually no help.

Yes. Coronavirus is a financial blessing to those keeping us incommunicado in our homes.

The other important issue is that we hear less or nothing about any massive investment plan in our health sector. The loans being secured are partly granted to help the sorry state of our hospitals and other health facilities attain a state of art status to handle increased domestic cases of the corona pandemic.

Apart from the temporary wooden structure in Bombo barracks built by the Americans and it took only a week to be up and running, there are no any serious interventions being put in place in our normal health sector facilities countrywide. The health workers’ pay is still the same and there is no motivational allowances yet announced by the Ministry of Health.

Lastly, disturbing reports of corruption and misappropriation of COVID-19 funds are beginning to surface from all corners. First, the shs10 billion fund Parliament allocated to all MPs was made invalid by State House and an order to return the money was rushed through the compromised kangaroo Courts of Museveni military junta and quickly slapped on Parliament.

Then, we are told of over Shs50 billion State House has siphoned through supplementary budget and also the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) for workers that is alleged to be empty in this particular pandemic period.

 Additional irregularities in procurement procedures at the Office of the Prime Minister during COVID-19 has yielded the arrest of a few top officials in the OPM.

Then, the other corruption cases are reported in districts whereby over Shs165 million went to each district task-force and an additional Shs55 million wired to all District Resident Commissioners, each for them to use in the fight against the Corona pandemic.

In a district like Bushenyi, reports of relief food being sold to residents are emerging in the media and in Zombo district, there was a report on UBC TV showing that people are starving to death with no help from the district task force and national task force on COVID-19.


Today, Gen. Yoweri Museveni is expected to give his 14th televised speech since the lockdown and curfew started with another lengthy extension to effectively help his team reap money from both lenders and unsuspecting people in this country.

His selected team of friends, yes-men and women he named as COVID-19 national task force squad have come up with another innovative way of further freezing Ugandan workers in the formal sector by asking that every employee gives up Shs10, 000 to the COVID-19 fighting initiatives.

It’s completely a smart mafia scheme by the NRM regime of corrupt and money- hungry vampires. God bless Ugandans to navigate through this deliberate and massive looting soonest.

For God and my Country.

The author is a presidential aspirant, 2021 general polls.

Contacts: 0781478286, 0757175741, Email: matsikodan584@gmail.com

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