How Museveni ‘technically and scientifically’ extended lockdown

President Museveni.

In his 14th televised address to the nation Monday night on coronavirus situation in the country, President Museveni said in easing lockdown, public transport and other sectors will resume after government has distributed free facemasks to all Ugandans.

Mr Museveni said distribution of face masks should be completed by 2, June 2020. He also directed that private cars can resume with only 3 passengers, including the driver.

According to President Museveni, Corona feels lonely and does well when it has company like diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, HIV, and others. When sick people come, our people start with the core morbidities, he added.

He says Uganda has built up a good nucleus that can be enhanced using other means should the number of COVID19-UG cases shoot up.

Besides medical preparedness, our industries are also getting more prepared to produce Personal Protective Equipments [PPEs] & sanitizers, testing kit components and even medicines, he added.

On cargo, Mr Museveni added that blocking cargo would not be necessary because we can identify and isolate the positive from the negative. “The only problem has been the testing delay – which we are going to sort out now,” he noted.

In the meantime, “we should continue with the preventive measures against COVID-19 including working on the vaccine against the disease, along with the rest of the world.”

In the meantime, all drivers will stay at the border till they get their results. The porous borders with our neighbours where people just walk into Uganda on foot that is managed by our RC system. If they are encouraged, they can block that route.

“We are going to move to opening up but this is tied to the masks which will be ready in two weeks. We believe that with the masks you do not infect others and you also do not get infected.

Therefore…moving forward from 20th May 2020 – tomorrow, given the knowledge we now have, we shall move as follows:

1. Once issues of the masks are addressed, shops selling general merchandise will open if they are not in shopping arcades, food markets & arcades

Full details coming

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