Uganda’s corona rise: 43 truck drivers test positive on Friday

Drivers of cargo lorries are Uganda's biggest problem in fighting Coronavirus. Courtesy photo.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of May 2020, Uganda’s COVID-19 cases increased shockingly.

In previous days and weeks, only a handful of virus cases were confirmed by the Ministry of Health.

On Wednesday, 13 May, the Ministry confirmed 13 new cases, out of 1741 samples taken from truck drivers. All 363 community cases all tested negative and 2104 total samples were tested that day.

Too, on Thursday, 14 May, 21 new cases were confirmed out of 1593 samples taken from truck drivers. All 303 community samples tested negative, and a total of 1896 samples were tested.

The highest tally was confirmed on Friday night after 43 truck drivers tested positive for the novel coronavirus disease.

“Today, 15 May, 2020, 43 new COVID-19 cases confirmed from 1,838 samples of truck drivers,” Ministry of Health announced via Twitter.

At Elegu border, fifteen (15) Ugandans, nine (9) Kenyans, four (4) Eritreans truck drivers tested positive while at Mutukula, five (5) Tanzanians, one (1) Burundian were all found positive.

At Mutulula border, the Ministry confirms that five (5) Kenyans, two (2) Ugandans, one (1) Burundian and one (1) whose nationality is unknown also tested positive.

All 720 community samples have tested negative for COVID-19.  A total of 2558 samples were tested on Friday.

The total number of COVID-19 cases for Uganda as of Friday is now 203, with 63 recoveries and zero death.

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