How Profesa Maros predicted Gulu City in his first song in 2011

Profesa Maros

By Okello Moses

Atine Maros Ceaser, popularly known by his stage name Profesa Maros is an afrobeat, and pop music artist.

He is a top artist who hails from Kole district but lives in Lira. He is the founder of Hot Soup Music Uganda in Lira Municipality.

Profesa Maros has been in the music industry for 8 years now with four career albums. He is known for catching the air waves with music that appeals to both the young and the old alike.

Gulu district is occupied by the Acholi speaking people who are natives. Gulu is one of the eight districts making up Acholi sub-region.

Politically and administratively, Gulu has a Municipality status and in the next financial year, it upgrades to a City status.

The life in ‘G-Town’ as is popularly known among the young people is not any far from life in Kampala City, thanks to the many institutions of higher learning like Gulu University, BJs pub, among other high-born leisure facilities.

In his first song entitled “Avocado” produced in June, 2011 at Hard Core Records, one of the best record labels in the region, he predicted Gulu City and the testimony has come to a reality. Gulu is set to start operating as a city officially in July, 2020.

2020 is a fulfilment of a testimony preached by Profesa Maros in his first song, in his first year of doing music, 2011. Gulu has finally been named in the first lot of Municipalities to attain a city status effective July, 2020.

I caught up with Maros in a phone interview about his song and this is how it all went.

Qn. Tell us about the year 2020.

The year 2020 came promising for me after holding a mega concert dubbed ” Med Mac” at the end of 2019 that all went well at St. Lira Hotel. I expected 2020 to be a crazy year for the music industry, especially to take a ‘U’ turn before the locusts invasion and COVID-19 stole the show and ravaged every plan, at least for now. I now expect this year, 2020, to be the worst in human history.

Qn. You predicted Gulu City in your first song. Why Gulu?

First of all, Gulu is strategically located in the heart of Acholi sub region, let alone the lifestyle which is second or level with that in Kampala City.

Like everybody knows or at least have heard, Gulu was a place better known for every bad thing that trampled Uganda as a country like Joseph Kony and the LRA wars, the Ebola epidemic, among others.

The place that people talked so bad about would one day become a great place – a city to call it.

Qn. What do you expect of the city that you predicted and has come to be?

I expect a very difficult start, especially from the economic point of view due to the great impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Making a city great is the responsibility of the people in the city and not the government and or the leaders only.

Qn. If you had powers, what advice would you give to the leaders in order to make Gulu a great city?

Understanding that Gulu has come from far manoeuvring through the LRA times, Ebola up to this time, the leaders should put God above all.

Gulu city should turn the bad things that happened into tourism sites in order to earn from them. Gulu City should be built on the foundation of Justice, Godliness and Development.

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