Breaking: MP Cecilia Atim Ogwal ‘collapses’ at Parliament

Dokolo Woman MP Cecilia Atim Ogwal. Courtesy photo.
  • “I never collapsed as some people are saying, I’m now feeling better” – MP Cissy Ogwal

Few staff, including some Members of Parliament were on Monday afternoon left panicking after Iron Lady as she is known – Honourable Cecilia Barbra Atim Ogwal developed an abrupt sickness that ended up needing an emergency attention.

A source at Parliament had tipped TND News about the sickness of “Atat” Cecilia Ogwal, further revealing that she collapsed and was admitted at International Hospital Kampala.

This prompted TND News’ Team to seek clarity from Hon Cecelia Ogwal at a half past 3pm on Monday.

Asked about her condition on phone, the former Commissioner of Parliament, answered in a slightly frail voice and said: “Yes. It is true I fell sick at Parliament today but I am fine now.”

According to the Dokolo Woman Member of Parliament, she left home in good health and proceeded to carry out some transaction at the bank. While climbing Parliament’s stairs, she felt nauseated and started vomiting uncontrollably.

“So I felt like throwing up and I could not hold it, so I started vomiting uncontrollably, I even threw my bag at the staff at the reception and headed straight for the wash rooms,” she added.

The veteran politician also explained that the vomiting could have been triggered by something she couldn’t explain. She ruled out the possibility of food poisoning.

“So I was admitted at the emergency unit of Parliament and our medical team did a check-up including a malaria test which turned out negative except my blood pressure was a bit high and they advised that I should rest; and I was taken home. I’m now feeling much better,” Hon Cecelia Ogwal explained to TND News.

On a lighter note, “Atat” (Grandma) Cecilia Ogwal when told by TND News’ Frank Oyugi that some could be worried about her condition laughed it off and said: “I did not collapse and now on a bed rest at home.”

“Now when Atat falls sick, how are my grandchildren [you] going to visit? Even buses and other public means are closed. So, ikwaa meaning Bazukulu (grandchildren) may have to foot, but I am well.” she laughed heatedly as she spoke this words.

Story by Frank Oyugi & Milton E Akwam

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