UPC applauds 9 African countries – says COVID-19 should unite the continent

Uganda House - UPC Party Headquarters on Kampala road houses Akena's group. Courtesy/File photo.

Africa did a notable! – says Uganda People’s Congress [UPC] party. The opposition party adds that the novel coronavirus [COVID-19] should unite the continent.

On Friday, at least nine African countries, among them Uganda held a virtual emergency summit with the aim of appraising the regional economic communities about the actions and initiatives undertaken by the African Union and response to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic on the continent.

Uganda was represented by Ambassador Rebecca Amuge Otengo. She asked African Union pay special attention to Somalia in its fight against coronavirus

Ambassador Otengo is Uganda’s Permanent Representative to the African Union [AU], Intergovernmental Authority for Development [IGAD] and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa [UNECA].

She’s also the country’s envoy to Ethiopia and Djibouti.

According to UPC, the teleconferencing was in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic that is ravaging the World at a very fast rate. Already so many of our sisters and brothers have been attacked by COVID-19, a good number of people have succumbed to death, and few have recovered as there is no concrete cure or vaccine, the party added, in a press statement dated 9, May 2020.

UPC says the global economy is in the melt down because of the lockdowns imposed by various countries to enable them limit the spread of the disease as more and more containment measures are put in place.

“Amidst these happenings, there is a glimpse of hope, fraternity and unity of purpose emerging amongst African people! Early this week, nine proactive progressive heads of state within the African region, held a high profile meeting in solidarity with each other on account of health challenges visited by the COVID-19 viral rampage on the African continent,” Mr Okae Lawrence, party’s national chairman said.

On behalf of UPC, he added that “this is huge news to the African people and World over because other than the annual AU meeting, African leaders rarely meet on issues of importance such as this.”

Secondly, in the archives, of the Mulungushi Club, a collection for the progression of African liberation in the 60s, stand point number 3 stipulated “commitment and sacrifice for economic and social progress of the African people”.

“The reported meeting by top African leaders in answer to humanity challenges is in line with the long thought out dreams of the front line states congregated as The Mulungushi Club, chaired by President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Dr. Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and Dr. Apollo Milton Obote of Uganda, who was literary the club’s spokesperson,” Mr Okae brought out the memories.

According to UPC, it should be remembered that these three [above leaders] championed the liberation of Africa under five cardinal principles, which were: commitment and sacrifice for total liberation of Africa, commitment and sacrifice for the African people, commitment and sacrifice for economic and social progress of the African people, commitment and sacrifice for International understanding and peacefulness of the African people, and commitment and sacrifice for close relations and solidarity of member states!

Three, Uganda Peoples Congress applauds the countries that gave due attention to the COVID-19 challenges and salute Madagascar government. “We implore AU to refocus to work hand in hand with the World Health Organisation [WHO] in endeavours that ensure innovations meet the standards that benefit mankind.”

Akena led party also says already there is credible information, to the fact that some World power threatened or has pulled out of World Health Organisation. “This of course is not good news at all and it should be therefore a wakeup call for Africa.”

 Collectively, it says Africa bears a strong presence that would tackle insurmountable problems together, which of course give us better leverage to face challenges, just like the old quotation of “unity is strength”.

“But we call upon AU, UNO and WHO to appeal to USA to not pull out from the programs and activities of WHO. USA is both a leading global economy and democracy, with the rest of us looking towards its leadership that has given hope since the end of World War One in 1919 to date.”

Africa’s position in global affairs, fifty years after independence of most countries is governed more through dialogue and diplomacy.

“The continent of Africa has enormous challenges of underdevelopment and with the COVID-19 pandemic, Africa is to be affected more. This means that a stimulus package or Marshall Plan has to be put in effect. USA historically has done well with First World War, Second World War stimulus packages, which enabled global economy to recover. This is the role USA and other global players have to start putting in place,” UPC’s appeal to Donald Trump administration.

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