A war chest? After Eng Odongo Okune, Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii to donate shs10m

Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii who's the LCF Paramount Chief handing over a document to President Museveni at Golf Course in Lira three years ago. Looking on [M] is Dr Richard Nam - ex-Premier. File photo.

Uncovered: Sources told TND News that the misunderstanding, leading to different Chiefs having their loyal Clan Chiefs started, soon after the Lango Conference 2012

Nearly a fortnight after Tekwaro Lango led by Eng Dr. Michael Moses Odongo Okune took people by storm and showed a philanthropic gesture by donating to the national task force on COVID-19, a ‘colossal’ sum of US$ 2,000 [about shs7.6m], TND News is privy to information that Lango Cultural Foundation under its leader, Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii is set to also donate ‘over’ shs10m.

A leaked dossier to TND News indicates that Lango Cultural Foundation was under pressure following a donation by Eng Dr. Odongo Okune.

Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii who’s recognised by government but facing lack of support from some clan leaders [Owitong] has mobilised from his loyal clan chiefs, money to be donated.

According to another leaked information, much as Dr. Richard Nam fell out with Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii after he was fired from the position of Prime Minister by the other Paramount Chief, he still felt it is useful to unite, by donating alongside other Clan Chiefs under Lango Cultural Foundation – LCF.

He had to do this by way of calling into action Owitong (Clan Chiefs) who are aligned to Mzee Yosam Odur to contribute whatever they can so it could be channelled to the national task force on COVID-19.

Like other donors, they are also doing it for the basic reason of aiding the nation at a time of critical need, but also so they can gain public recognition since the President is fond of announcing on national television a long list of philanthropists.

Why the LCF donation?

We have since been privy to yet another information that LCF wants Mzee (President Museveni) to recognise their side as the legitimate cultural body in charge of Lango cultural affairs.

It should be recalled that during the second last address, Mr Museveni upon his eyes landing on a donor jotted down on his long list as HH. Dr Moses Micheal Odongo Okune, ‘comically’ said “Oooooh…this is my son wants to cause me problems, you know this is my son who is fighting for a chair with my brother (Mzee Yosam)…and this is a family problem).”

This of course did not equally go well with Owitong of Tekwaro Lango who later angrily reacted to how the President scolded their Wonyaci Eng Dr Odongo Okune.

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But that aside, other impeccable sources privy to the collection and the pending donation by LCF says they tend to throw it as a bait in the sea to test how the fish (President Museveni) will react to it on television when he addresses the nation on Monday (4th of May, 8pm).

But Jacob Ocen, the spokesperson for LCF was quick to dismiss this notion when interviewed by TND News’ Frank Oyugi.

We have also since establish that Uganda’s former diplomat to the U.S  and a clan head (Awitong), Mr Dickson Ogwang Okul and Benson Dila, the Speaker of Lango Cultural Foundation[LCF] were key in mobilizing Clan Chiefs towards the donations.

TND News further understands that the donation worth over shs10m will be delivered to the national task force in Kampala on Monday by a delegation consisting of, among others, Mr Dickson Ogwang Okul.

“The information is correct. It is true we have mobilized contribution close to shs10m shillings…It will be delivered by Okello Oyoo and Dickson Ogwang Okul,” Mr Jacob Ocen said, downplaying the involvement of a female Minister from the soil in this arrangement.

What we know as of now is that Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii himself as the Head of LCF contributed shs1m. Other prominent clan heads who have contributed include; Bosco Ogwang Edola, Sam Engola, Daniel Omara Atubo, among others.

EDITORIAL: TND News is committed to investigating, scrutinizing and publishing factual and truthful information on Lango cultural affairs. The publication will always stand on the truth and report it as it’s. We are not committed to prolong Lango cultural woes.

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