Amuru: Overwhelming cases of gender based violence amidst corona lockdown

By Jimmy Komakech

As the horrible coronavirus lockdown keeps pressing and the whole nation struggles to overcome the storm, in the community, the situation is hell as some household heads are engaged in fights as an excuse to abandon their family responsibilities.

In Amuru district,  most men are alleged to have deserted their responsibilities. The escalated gender-based violence is presently rocking the district amidst the Covid-19 fight.

Silvia Anwyek, 24, a resident of Pagoro Parish Lamogi sub-county in Amuru district was abandoned, with five children, by his male counterpart for another wife. She revealed that they had for long been fighting for shared responsibility in the family.

She stressed that they have starved for four days after her small business started recording poor sales due to the lockdown but her daily budget increased from Shs 7,000 to 20,000.

Concy Ayot, a 22 years-old single mother of four children from Amuru Town Council who was thrown out by her husband recently. The man claimed that he has no capacity to continue staying with her due to the coronavirus lockdown.

His abandoned wife disclosed that she is grappling to feed her children by babysitting other people’s children to obtain food. She recalled that her most horrifying moment was when they slept flat without eating for one week.

According to Nancy Aromo from Apowegi village in Amuru sub-county, it is a hurdle to settle anything without puling ropes between her and the husband since the lockdown began. This is because they are making less money and the husband developed the habit of accusing her for using money to support other ventures.

Lemoi Denis, a counselor in Amuru district testified that he received several calls on a daily basis from different families reporting rising anxieties they are going through.

But their rescue is always limited because of the current restrictions on gathering in groups as recommended to contain the spread of COVID-19.

“Surely, several women from here are suffering gender-based violence silently,” he says.

Johnson Lalonyo, the Community Development Officer, Lamogi sub-county, confirmed that the gender-related matters is one of the top community challenges rocking the sub-county during this coronavirus outbreak.

A Police officer attached to Awer Police post, Lamogi sub-county in Amuru district, whose identity could not be disclosed, revealed that gender-related cases are overwhelmingly being reported but follow-up of these cases is one of the major challenges they are facing.

“According to my observations during interviews, most of the women undergoing gender based-violence in the district are also faced with other underlying complicated health conditions”, he added.

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