Coronavirus: Museveni donates 50 percent of his monthly salary

President Museveni has offered to give his salary to fight novel coronavirus. Courtesy photo.

President Museveni has pledged to give 50 percent of his monthly salary to the COVID-19 national taskforce.

Gen Museveni who was addressing the nation for the 12th time on Tuesday evening, was responding to a question from a citizen who had asked why he and other government workers [civil servants] are not offering their monthly salaries to fight the virus.

Paid only shs3.6m monthly, he says, Mr Museveni further said in a televised nation address that he has for years offered 50 percent of his monthly salary to his wife, First Lady, Janet Kataha Museveni.

Mrs Museveni is also the Education Minister.

Editors’ Pick:

According to Museveni, the National Resistance Movement [NRM] party he founded, takes 20 percent of his salary.

The President also asked civil servant and politicians to do the same, adding that a lot of money would be collected.

In neighbouring country Kenya, government officials including President Uhuru Kenyatta and his aides have cut their monthly pay reasonably.

Also, in Rwanda, Paul Kagama’s ministers and other civil servants will work for months without receiving monthly salaries. This directive took effect last month.

Hopefully Uganda follows Kenya and Rwanda.

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