Agago DPC arrest: The exclusive information we have gathered

Back to business: Agago DPC Samson Lubega. Courtesy photo.

The Agago District Police Commander [DPC] SP Samson Lubega has been arrested.

Mr Lubega who was arrested on Sunday evening is yet to be charged for any wrongdoing, TND News has exclusively learnt.

From Agago, he was driven to Gulu Central Police Station, Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Aswa Regional Police Spokesperson, tells TND News on Monday afternoon.

“It’s true he has been arrested in line with compromising President’s directive of not observing COVID-19,” Okema says.

“We have him in custody in Gulu,” he added.

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According to the Aswa Regional Police Spokesperson, detectives from Regional Police Standard Unit [RPSU] have been dispatched to Agago district for fact-finding mission.

“Their findings will help us in taking appropriate decision,” Mr Okema added.

Why was DPC arrested?

It is alleged that the DPC protected to a businessman who returned from United Kingdom via Dubai on 17 April, 2020.

As mandated, Francis Onek, a resident of Patongo Town Council was requested by the COVID-19 District Task Force to be quarantined for 14 days. District leaders say he refused and went into ‘hiding’.

Later, the District Task Force [DTF] realised that the DPC had given the COVID-19 suspect a permission to organise a party of more than 25 people.

The DPC, according to Aswa region Police spokesperson was one of the ‘cheerful’ attendees.

“When the DTF requested to isolate him, he [Onek] disappeared from the district only to appear today [Sunday] in Patongo Town Council,” one of the Agago DTF members said.

At least 25 people who were attending the party organised by Mr Onek have been quarantined.

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