The Uganda I want to see – writes a 19 year old S5 student from Lira

Author Opio Dickens Agona.

MY NAME is Dickens Opio Agona, a senior five student of Hope Senior School Nakirebe. I am 19 years old Ugandan citizen from Lira but grew up in Dokolo district.

I am concerned by the situation in Uganda now, as many citizens, especially the youth tend to express themselves in various perspectives to the current situation.

I just want to make something clear to my fellow youths. I am tired of getting lots of misunderstandings as we live. Politically, I am not a supporter of any of the political parties and forces, and I’m not one sided.

First, I love the passion of politics in the youths of Uganda. They’re really engaged and trying to express themselves. But honestly, am not impressed by the way they are conducting themselves.

Social media has become the abusing ground where intrusion of privacy is common  through Photoshop, pictures of others are created that are disrespecting to the nation. I don’t care whether you love the ruling government or not, whether you support Bobi Wine or not but give respect to each other.

There is no right way of doing a wrong act and right actions require right procedures.  Let’s keep the government in checks and balance but follow the right way and do not cause more trouble.

“The problem is not the problem but the problem is how we react to the problem” – Opio Dickens Agona

Agena’s quote

Understanding this statement will make us seek proper ways of handling matters. When a lion wants to eat, it will find better tactics that do not cost its paw, but strives hard to get the meat to chew. This is what I expect from the opposition youths.

Still, the youth need to understand the pressure they are creating; looking at the aims of the pressure groups they are following, is there a well-defined structures, how is it working?

Let’s leave politics aside when we  need to create a force to attack a serious pandemic like the coronavirus. Comparing who is better than who in this case makes no sense but a collective effort is what we need.

The government of Uganda has to know that solving a problem without understanding the cause is like teaching without giving examples. It might be helpful but the impact never lasts.  So, if we’re trying to solve the problems of the youth we need to understand why they act the way they do.

Lastly, we should allow the dignity and evidence to be seen in people who claim to be having devotion for their country. Let no one indulge in activities to show their political strength but to show humanity.

Let the youth stop being abusive and concentrate on rebuilding Uganda in this situation. Let the measures be taken for safety but not to be broken.

By Dickens Opio Agona – S5 Student

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