Gulu leaders told to give clear ‘accountability’ as 13 yr old boy donates shs50k

Generous boy: Richard Opiyo Ogwen [M] with Gulu RDC Maj Santos Okot and Martin Ojara LC5 Chair. Photo courtesy, Gangwa News.

Currently, generous Ugandans are donating money, foodstuff, vehicles and face masks, among others, to both COVID-19 national taskforce and to the district taskforces.

The donations are being made after President Musveni in one of his addresses to the nation asked companies, organisations and individuals to help government in her bid to defeat the novel virus.

Since his request, many companies, individuals and organisations have been donating to the national taskforce – with more than 45 heavy duty vehicles now in government possession, and also more than shs4bn has been raised.

 In different districts across the country, donations are ongoing. These donations are in terms of cash, foodstuff, Personal Protective Equipment [PPE], fuel, among others.

In Gulu district, record was made when a 13 year old boy decided to sell his chicken, bricks to support Gulu COVID-19 taskforce

Richard Opiyo Ogwen did not only give his hard-earned money but also decided to walk for 8km from where he resides – Unyama sub-county to deliver his support.

“I made some bricks, sold my chicken to get the money,” the young boy said, Friday.

Ogwen added that he was motivated to give after hearing on radios the plight of people suffering due to lockdown.

Major Santos Okot Lapolo, Gulu RDC commended the “young boy’s big-heartedness.” The RDC added that “everyone should emulate him [young man] and help the vulnerable people.”

Boy gets vast praises, counsels.

Following the article about Ogwen’s generosity, hundreds of people, using social media, especially Facebook have come out to commend him.

Some have asked government to pay for his education, while others want God to bless him plentifully.

Others are demanding for clear ‘accountability’ from the district taskforce so that the teen boy can be “happy that his support was directed to benefit those who are suffering”.

Read what Facebookers had to say. [Unedited]

Emily Monalisa Aber writes: “Aawww. We need to find a way to help fundraise for his school fees. I wish they could avail us his number and where to find him in Gulu.”

Makholo Amuza, a Facebooker wrote: “God will bless the young man though where the money has gone hehehe.”

Another person, Akongel Alex Opolot: “What about Acholi parliamentary group what have they donated apart from pocketing 20m.”

Proscovier Vikman also commented: “Yet the greedy will take away even the little collected so far.”

Eddie Blaze Ug says, “And the task force guys will feast on every penny. They will show the reception of the money/items but will NEVER SHOW YOU THE REAL EXPENDITURE. Time to enrich themselves.”

Maroma Eudu Maxwell says: “It’s a good gesture from a young man but we are grooming them to believe that a govt has to beg from its people than to them.”

Abedi Kate also stated: “May God bless u young man. It’s already a sign that u will grow into a nice responsible man/husband to some lady one day & build together a nice home.”

Eiyo Scovyaa says: “Thank you…he is better than those who go to take the patients’ juice!!!lol”

Emol Paul: I believe he can’t even support his parent by buying only a pen for himself.”

Zlatan Albarado, says: “I deeply feel sorry for this young man. He is too young to understand the real reason people out there are donating! Besides, the real beneficiaries of this donations. In fact I want someone to give me this boy’s contact so that I can refund his stolen cash. Too bad, you can’t work so hard to earn something little only to give to people who have it in abundance!!!!”

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