ACTION LEADERSHIP: Arise Oh Joseph’s Generation

Morris Chris Executive -Pastor of Truth Evangelistic Fountain Ministries - Lira

By Morris Chris Ongom

COVID-19 has reorganized, calmed, reproved, harmonized and is positioning this generation for unprecedented economic, social, political, religious and cultural renaissance.

Congratulations Your Excellency Gen. YK Museveni and your leadership team at national and local levels!

As citizens, we are grateful to God and to your government. Keep seeking God’s guidance as you do the job that God will be glorified in our nation. As a transformation and action leadership coach, I have been inspired to write about Joseph’s dreams, family, prison conquest and final leadership that saw Egypt conquer an economically cataclysmic upheaval several centenaries ago.

Today, I speak to you as a theocratic and religious leader, disciple of Jesus Christ who is a citizen of God’s Kingdom. Times like the one we are facing today are not really new to human existence. Our world has always been visited by challenging, difficult and transformation occurrences. While I may not be able to recount such events here, I want to restrict our learning to the story of a young man who rose with indomitable vision that saved the world in his generation and forever modeled visionary, transparent, accountable and generation leadership. Let me say something first about the times, rulership of ancient Egypt, the rise and involvement of Joseph in the leadership of that nation.

From several literary sources, most scholars think Joseph lived in Egypt between 2000 and 1600 BCE. They argue that the historical period known as the “Middle Kingdom” lasts from 2000 to 1786 BCE. According to the scholars, this was one of Egypt’s greatest times. It’s recorded that there were eight (8) Pharaohs during this time – comprising Egypt’s 12th Dynasty.

Scholars believe that Joseph might have come to Egypt during the reign of Sesostris II (1894-1878 BCE). He most likely began his career under Sesostris III (1878-1841 BCE). Reportedly, he lived in Egypt for 71 years, so Joseph died in approximately 1805 BCE, under the reign of Amenemhet III (1841-1797 BCE). Sesostris III was the most influential Pharaoh. He conquered Nubia (Ethopia) and greatly expanded Egypt’s territory. He also instituted many administrative reforms which led to the demise of the local nobility. Some scholars question this timeframe, but there are good arguments supporting it and you too can research to establish your facts but that’s not central to my writing.

Joseph was sold to captivity to a government official connected to the leadership of Egypt at that time. He was saved from a family murder plot orchestrated by his blood stepbrothers. At age 17, he was busy receiving divine instructions through dreams although this compounded his problem which began with fatherly love extended to him for God had favored him among all his brothers.

He dared to share his dreams which much later we see coming to pass in Genesis 41, 42, 45, 46 as you read from the Holy Bible. He is a character in human history that prepared himself as a young man and rose to leadership at a tender age of 30 years becoming the second in command in Egypt. He didn’t rise to fame and leadership on his own, but God invisibly worked to ensure that Joseph connected and fulfilled His promise to Abraham, whom he had a covenant with many decades before.

While Joseph obeyed God because he was a young man with discipline, focus, determination and godly characters; God set before him several trainings to ascertain Joseph’s loyalty to the vision of greatness. He held his part as the Lord saved him from one incident to the next. He lands in Egypt as a slave, finds himself in Captain Potiphar’s house. He serves diligently and soon; the Lord moves him to the next level but through a test of faithfulness. All things were moving well, and Joseph impressed his master with remarkable leadership but as always, Joseph’s generation is promoted by test and intrigue. He is confronted by a tough decision to have a sexual relation that could cut short a great vision for a nation and the world. He chose the path of faithfulness with all the consequences leading to his imprisonment.

It was tough, I believe, for the young Joseph but there he was in prison. At the same time, God the miracle worker, the destiny creator sends to the same prison two powerful Egyptian government officials, whom we see later ignite Joseph’s talent of dreams interpretation. His interpretation was so perfect that later as it was designed by the Almighty, Joseph is first forgotten by the restored cupbearer only to remember Joseph when God sent Joseph’s promotion dream to Pharaoh. The whole nation gathered their best magicians, philosophers and wise men but none could give an answer until the Lord reminded the cup bearer to the King about the young Joseph.

His endowment and character, faithfulness and experience brought him to contact with the King at a time of national emergency. We see joseph acknowledging the Lordship of God Almighty through his conversation with Pharaoh. He never attributed his abilities to himself but acknowledged his maker and thereafter, things begun to flow. Soon after this expedition, Joseph is lifted to a place far above all in the whole of Egypt, except the King. At the age of 30 years, he rules besides a great leader with humility, wisdom, faithfulness without pride, prejudice, tribalism delivering distinguished assignment God gave him in the land of his affliction. He saved the nation, contributed to global redemption at the time of crisis and fulfilled God’s covenant with His friend Abraham.

God has put in my heart a message of those in charge of our nation during this time of national and global crisis. Each of you who find yourselves in the frontline serving our people must uphold diligence, faithfulness, selflessness and patriotism. This crisis will bring many leaders down but will also raise many whom God prepared before time. The young joseph never portrayed that he knew it all and even that the King knew nothing.; Pride, materialism, love for self, hatred to your nation, manipulation of power for self-gain, subversion, will cut short the career of many leaders in families, communities, religious, cultural and government institutions.

Those who think they have power for self-gain, that they have wealth for themselves and that people are not central to their lives and service; will remember someday why Jesus left the heaven realm and came to this world.  You may be a mother, father, local leader, religious, cultural or government leader and that position places you at a strategic location where you are privileged and comfortable. To you the rest don’t deserve the blessings of this life but you and those closest to you. Let me remind you how you came to this world; naked, full of heaven package to deliver to humanity. In you was a seed to good and a solution for the world; you owe us your service and selflessness. God sent you here on a mission and that mission is in him alone.

Therefore, I believe that God fluctuates tests/difficulties and good to our world to remind us that we owe the Kingdom and we must not be lost in the trivial issues of this worldly life. Regrettably, billions of people in our world hold so tightly to the material and knowledge acquisitions that will one day be lost with themselves accounting after this life for the losses they caused God’s kingdom. The people you see are your blessings and if you are in a position to help them, don’t hold goodness from them. I am calling you all to arise and lead with God in front as we respond to COVID-19.

Let me conclude by talking about theocracy. According to encyclopedia Britannica, a theocracy is government by divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided. In many theocracies, government leaders are members of the clergy, and the state’s legal system is based on religious law. Theocratic rule was typical of early civilizations

Finally, Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, The people He has chosen as His own inheritance (New King James Version of the Holy Bible), Psalms 33:12

God bless us all; My Country, My Duty

For God and My Country

The writer is the Executive Pastor of Truth Evangelistic Fountain Ministries; Lira and CEO of Global Forum For Development (GLOFORD) Uganda

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