MP Okot ‘bows to public pressure’, gives extra shs5m for corona

MP Okot Okong [R] with cash. Courtesy photo.

Earlier, Dokolo South MP, Felix Okot Ogong announced on air that he would not mix his shs20m given by parliament with that of the district taskforce.

Mr Okot said the district has their own guidelines on how to use the money government has allocated to them.

“Like me Okot Ogong, the shs20m given to me, it’s a dog who refuses money. This money is not given to me to be used for my personal gain, it’s given to help me use it in my constituency to help my people with what they are lacking.”

Mr Okot further revealed previously that he has his system in his constituency and the Dokolo district taskforce will unite together but never will he “unite his shs20m with the district taskforce”.

“Parliament has also given me guidelines” he added, revealing that what matters is the “accountability”.

However, section of Ugandans came out to criticise the veteran politician for accepting the money when poor Ugandans are suffering due to lockdown. Others, condemned him for saying: “I’m not a dog to refuse money.”

Editors’ pick:

“The most important thing is that government gave each MP money to help them carry out activities that help the locals in their constituencies. Each MP has a better plan to ensure that his voters are supported at this time as they have done each time,” he said earlier.

On Friday, MP Okot pulled shs5m and added it to shs20m Parliament gave him and handed it over to district taskforce. Below, he said:

Today I delivered 25M cash to the Dokolo District covid-19 Task Force; 20M from the Parliamentary commission and 5M being my personal contribution.

In my remarks at the District headquarters, I commended the tremendous work being done by the District Task Force to control the spread of coronavirus in the District which lies along the Great North highway from Mombasa to Juba.

I emphasized the need to be very vigilant at all times because when you relax our gains now will be brought to naught. I asked the district task force to embrace team work and corporation while putting aside our petty differences in order to maintain our momentous success.

While delivering my statement, I outlined priorities when planning to expend the money in line with the current challenges like repair of non-functioning boreholes, servicing ambulance, motivating ambulance driver, supporting district and sub county task forces among others.

Misuse and diversion of this money will not be tolerated as we shall monitor to ensure it’s put to proper use. After implementation, we shall carryout value for money audit and culprits of mismanaging the fund will face the long arm of law.

I also thank President Yoweri Museveni for offering good leadership and guidance to the country.

Lastly, I called upon all the stakeholders to play their roles in a concerted manner to minimize distortion of messages and confusion at implementation level.

I prayed for God’s protection, guidance and provision of our needs during this time.

Best Regards

Felix Okot Ogong (MP)
Dokolo South Constituency.

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