Facebookers react to MP Okot’s “I’m not a dog to refuse money” remark

MP Felix Okot Ogong. Courtesy photo.

The Dokolo South MP, Felix Okot Ogong has been criticised for his singular comment over shs20m given to each Members of Parliament to ‘fight’ COVID-19 in their constituencies.

Early this week, the veteran politician said “he’s not a dog to refuse money”.

He said this on his Voice of Lango Radio, on the program “Kop Ango Tungmalu Hullo Northern Uganda”. In the studious were MPs Jonathan Odur – Erute South and Joy Atim – Lira Women. Mr Okot was on phone.

The MP’s remarks has since attracted public disapproval with people on different social media platforms, especially Facebook commenting with rage.

“…the views people have generated I welcome them and I’m contented with it and I think MPs in Lango sub-region and Uganda should agree with it,” he said on phone.

“I thank the government, the parliament and I thank Speaker of Parliament. And I thank the president of Uganda for accepting that all the taskforces in the country; in each district be facilitated. And as I talk now, Parliament passed shs165m for each district taskforce with guidelines on how to carry out the work,” he added.

According to Lesline Marah [a Facebooker] those doing well in this COVID are praying it shouldn’t end because they are reaping as we suffer!

Another person, Andrea Joe Otim commented: “You are next to be thrown out of Parliament. The duration you have taken in the Parliament is enough for you to be rich. We have supported you both by voting you and through your bus company but all in all there is no changes made. You can’t even buy for us a new bus. You keep demanding shs20m and you forget buying for us a new bus. You will find other small company taking over you.”

Odongo Quinto says: “This time Okot missed it all.”

Jayne Odyek also says others are eating more than “you have got”.

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