THE DIGEST I The World leaders who ignore experts’ advice

Mr Odongo P. Lango. Courtesy/File photo.

By Odongo Lango

There are some very badass world leaders who love to ignore the experts’ advice in the belief that they know better because they are elevated. 

I will cite a few. The Brazilian President, Jair Messias Bolsonaro has fired his Health Minister for insisting on social distancing and quarantine. He has banned testing for coronavirus. So officially, there are no cases of coronavirus in Brazil! 

However, according to the BBC, grave diggers are very busy. They’re opening up new cemeteries. There are so many dead bodies to bury that being an undertaker is becoming a lucrative business in Brazil. 

Also, the Philippine’s President, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, has implemented an aggressive lockdown. Unlike in Uganda where LDUs massage people’s buttocks, he has ordered the army and police to simply shoot and kill any malingerers on the streets.

Mr Roa has ordered the police to kill all drug dealers and smash their cars. Many innocent people have been killed for being accused of being drug dealers to settle private scores.

Closer home, John Pombe Magufuli, who excited the internet with his cost-cutting austerity measures, has decided that Bongoland is open for business. Everything has been delegated to God Almighty. Tests are not being done. The few tests done show high level of disease-ridden. 

In the USA, President Donald J. Trump ignored the advice of his experts on just about every aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic. At first, he said it was a hoax, orchestrated by his political opponents in the Democratic Party to tank the economy in order to stymie his second term election bid.

He misrepresented his experts’ position on the state of preparedness for the fight against covid-19, claiming it is a mild flue which will disappear miraculously. The country was woefully unprepared in terms of general medical supplies, personal protective equipment and life-saving ventilators.

He touted an untested drug and a non-existent vaccine against the advice from his own appointed Covid-19 experts. Now he is insisting, against expert advice, on to lifting the lockdown to “save the economy”.  Only time will tell. He may yet be vindicated.

The writer supports NRM party; hails from Minakulu sub-county, Oyam district.

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