MP Okot Ogong: “I’m not a dog to refuse shs20m covid-19 fund”

Dokolo South MP Felix Okot Ogong. Courtesy/File photo.

DOGS are not human beings. Similarly, human beings are not dogs, but the former, may choose to keep dogs at home or not.

Traditionally, dogs are used to guard homes; used by hunters while other people just love keeping dogs without allocating them duties.

But, it is worth to know that while dogs and human beings eat the same food – example; posho with meat or beans – a dog will never be eaten by a man, except if a person is a witch.

A dog used for hunting or guarding a home is paid by serving it with a good food [bones, soup, etc] but not money. This is a strong reason why dogs are not paid using money for whatever reason.

One of the Lango sons, a political leader and a famous businessman, has come out to announce that he’s not a dog to refuse money.

The man TND News is talking about is Honourable Felix Okot Ogong – the Dokolo South MP. Mr Okot is the intrepid member of the ruling party – NRM.

Mr Okot is one of the many MPs who have come out to applaud Parliament and government for allocating to them shs10b in order to “help them sensitize their constituents on how to fight coronavirus [COVID-19]”.

While appearing on his Lira based Radio, Voice of Lango 88.0 FM on the program “Kop Ango Tungmalu Me Uganda [Hullo Northern Uganda” that was hosted by Mr Ajwika Levis Elvis, MP Okot started by thanking his colleague MPs, [Joy Atim Ongom, Lira Woman MP – UPC and Jonathan Odur, Erute South – UPC] who were in the studio discussing ‘MPs COVID-19 money’.

He applauded the two MPs for talking to the public, further thanking radio callers, adding that every time MPs should talk to their voters and share ideas with them.

“…the views people have generated I welcome them and I’m contented with it and I think MPs in Lango sub-region and Uganda should agree with it,” he said on phone.

Editors’ Pick:

“The most important thing is that government ‘gave’ each MP money to help them carry out activities that help the locals in their constituencies. Each MP has a better plan to ensure that his voters are supported at this time as they have done each time,” he continued.

Okot said government has also assisted each district task force with money, adding that there is a plan by government to facilitate each task force with proper guidelines.

“To choose that an MP gives their money to the district taskforce is not proper. It’s bound to compromise the work of the taskforce and, the MPs would not have followed both guidelines. This could cause loss of money and affect the program,” MP Felix Okot Ogong.

“I thank the government, the parliament and I thank Speaker of Parliament. And I  thank the president of Uganda for accepting that all the taskforces in the country; in each district be facilitated. And as I talk now, Parliament passed shs165m for each district taskforce with guidelines on how to carry out the work.”

“I’m also thanking that, an MP style. Each MP has a different style that can’t be merged with another. Dance styles are never merged. I, as Okot Ogong, I have the  people of Dokolo South and I dance my own style [here the moderator interjects, telling him you can dance ‘pau-pau’, Jonathan Odur [MP Erute South] ‘breakdance’ and Joy Atim Ongom [Lira Women MP] ‘twist’], MP Okot [continues] that all the three dance styles are performed to help the locals.”

He added: “Like me Okot Ogong, the shs20m given to me, it’s a dog who refuses money. This money is not given to me to be used for my personal gain; it’s given to help me use it in my constituency to help my people with what they are lacking.”

Mr Okot revealed that he has his system in his constituency and the Dokolo district taskforce will unite together but never will he “unite his shs20m with the district taskforce”. Okot said the district taskforce has their own guidelines and Parliament has also given him “his own guidelines”, revealing that what matters is the “accountability”.

“Okot Ogong was given shs20m, what has the shs20m done; it should be laid on the table,” he said.

On Tuesday, MP Okot, using one of the pro-development WhatsApp groups for Lango sons and daughters, said: “My work plan will be out after receiving the money. My planned budget is 35million. Source of funds; 20million from parliament, 10million from my account and the balance from well-wishers. Please join me in giving service to humanity.”

While Mr Okot who has been in Parliament for more than 20 years is also asking money from well-wishers to help him “meet his target”, some are demanding for his work plan before he can be assisted.

Last week, Parliament passed shs10bn to facilitate each Member of Parliament “who are mandated” to move to their constituencies to sensitize their voters on COVID-19.

The Parliament’s decision sparked wider public criticisms – with many describing the MPs as greedy, another describing it as “thuggery in broad daylight…”

Daniel Obal who is a 22 year old aspirant for Ajuri County MP seat in Alebtong district in the 2021 polls, asked Speaker Kadaga to “tame the insatiable wants of her MPs”.

Mr Obal questioned Speaker Kadaga in an interview with TND News that: “Why would the MPs be given shs20m each to fight coronavirus yet they have all locked themselves in their posh Kampala houses?” “This is absolute thuggery in broad day light and Ugandans must protest this,” he added.

Bad news emerged on Tuesday 21, April, 2020, when The Civil Division of the High Court in Kampala put an injunction to the release of shs10b to MPs until April 29, 2020 when it [Court] hears the application challenging the allocation by Parliament.

The injunction follows a civil suit filed by MPs Jonathan Odur [Erute South] and Gerald Karuhanga, [Ntugamo Municipality] who are challenging Parliament’s move to allocate shs20m each to MPs for use against COVID-19.

EDITORIAL: Quotes and or statements used in this story were transcribed from an audio recording TND News has obtained. It has been partly transliterated.

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