President Museveni deserves 2021 re-election

President Museveni in one of his addresses. Inset [in yellow] is Dr Diini Emmanuel Kisembo sensitizing people on COVID-19 on Radio KBS in Kagadi Town early this year. File photo.

The National Resistance Movement [NRM] party national chairman also the President of Uganda, Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been commended for his leadership style during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Museveni gets this praise from one of the ruling party supporters from Bunyoro sub-region, Western Uganda.

Dr Diini Emmanuel Kisembo who’s the executive director of Bunyoro Kitara Youth Initiative Health Watch, tells this contemporary digital newspaper in a phone interview Tuesday evening that Ugandans must vote back Mr Museveni in the coming elections.

Defending his views on why Mr Museveni’s term should be extended further, Mr Kisembo says, “Had Museveni been like some East African leaders who didn’t respond speedily with strategies to control coronavirus spread, by announcing lockdown, banning all public transports, closing public institutions, among others, the pandemic could have hit the country harder.”

“He took decisive measures as a real Head of State,” he added.

According to him, “The only thing to do is to thank the President by giving him another term in office. Ugandans should wake up and vote Museveni as their President in the 2021 polls.”

In his previous interview with this same publication, he said “COVID-19 is a big test for NRM regime.” “The coronavirus presence in Uganda will test the capability of the National Resistance Movement [NRM] party and will define its survival in the next elections,” he added.

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For NRM reputation to be uplifted, admired further, and to gain public trust during this moment of coronavirus assault on Ugandans, he asked the Army, Police, Uganda Prisons Service, CMI, ESO top leadership, the RDCs to be more active in helping the vulnerable Ugandans across the country.

His requests, was ‘honoured’ by the President who has since directed that soldiers, police, RDCs, among others be part of the core support team in handling the situation.

Also aspiring to be elected as the new NRM regional vice chairperson for Western Uganda, a position currently occupied by Uganda’s Ambassador to Burundi, Mr Matayo Kyaligonza; Dr Diini urged Ugandans countrywide to be vigilant and report strange cases [people] within their communities.

“I further appreciates the President for his measures and directives he issued that any weak President couldn’t have come out with; i call upon Ugandans to open their eyes come 2021and reelect Museveni,” he says.

“Those directives are only for bright and courageous leaders,” Kisembo claims.

The youthful politician appreciated the Ministry of Health for educating Ugandans on the measures aimed at defeating the deadly virus.

“I am calling upon all Ugandans to be vigilant on new faces mixing up in their communities; report them to authorities,” he said, calling upon people living along border points to be more vigilant, take responsibility for their health in this time of the pandemic.

Over 26 districts in Uganda are along border points.

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