Any food hoarding – answer is importing – says Museveni

President Museveni. File photo.

PRESIDENT MUSEVENI has said Uganda will import food from Mexico if country’s businessmen and women are crooks.

Mr Museveni who was addressing the nation for the 11th time on coronavirus situation in the country on Sunday evening, was concerned by how some “crooks” are using the current situation to make money from government.

“I heard that there was some game – of some suppliers trying to hoard so that the prices go up. I will import. I will import – too bad for you. Because you are crooks – you are crooks; people are suffering because of lack of food,” angry-looking Museveni said.

“Any hoarding – answer is importing,” he emphasises, adding that, “I better give money to foreigners.”

You sell for us bad food, he says. Further revealing, “We go for you.”

The President also warned suppliers to stop supplying bad food, warning that: “Don’t sell it to us.”

Last week, there was a public outcry after Aponye Uganda Limited had supplied beans with foreign particles.

Whereas the accused company denied the allegation, soon, State Minister for Disaster Preparedness, Musa Ecweru told a media briefing in Kampala last week that Aponye Uganda Limited’s beans and posho failed Uganda National Bureau of Standard’s test.

According to the Minister, Aponye’s foods were found unhealthy for human consumption. The company’s contract with government has been cancelled.

“Problem with bad food which was distributed”, Museveni says on Sunday, adding: “I want Musa Ecweru to talk about it at his forum.”

Mr Museveni told the nation that action was taken by sending Ministers to take the lead in food distribution within Kampala.

“We heard that there were bad food being distributed and beans was not enough. Somebody told me today it was better,” he added.

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