Kadaga urged to tame the “insatiable wants of her MPs”

Former Speaker Rebecca Kadaga. File photo

The Ajuri Constituency MP hopeful has condemned Parliament for the shilling 10bn she allocated for Members of Parliament in the fight against COVID-19.

Mr Obal Daniel, in a telephone interview with our reporter Thursday evening, said Parliament misused its legislative powers in allocating itself 10bn.

“Why would the MPs be given shs20m each to fight coronavirus yet they all have locked themselves in their posh Kampala houses? This is absolute thuggery in broad day light and Ugandans must protest this,” he sounded.

The youthful MP aspirant, hopeful to win the Ajuri County seat, currently occupied by the Sports State Minister, Hon Denis Hamson Obua, further noted that the Members of Parliament have this time round all received the funds in unison with no opposition saying “No” as has been the case earlier.

His remarks come at a time when there is growing concern on why Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament, Rt Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga is defending the move – and has since asked MPs not to discuss the controversial cash in public.

According to Ms Kadaga, it’s her and the Parliamentary Commission to defend all MPs on the matter.Obal, 23, said it’s totally wrong for MPS to award themselves money yet in Kenya and Rwanda, among other states, the political leadership has chosen to forfeit salaries so that the funds are channeled towards the fight against COVID-19.

“The actions of the MPs grossly conflict with President Museveni’s call for all abled Ugandans to donate towards COVID-19; given that the MPs who must be good examples are real parasites seeking to eat from the donations given,” he added.

He has urged the Speaker of Parliament to help Ugandans by taming the insatiable wants of MPs, adding that “greed and megalomania have infiltrated the House of Legislation”.

“Ugandans should adhere to the directives issued by the President and the Ministry of Health if we must win the war against COVID-19,” he reminded Ugandans, many of whom are now home.

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