‘LOCKDOWN SEASON TWO’: M7 to announce further lockdown in 10th address

President Museveni is expected to support Lira sex workers. File photo.

The 14 days of partial lockdown ends Tuesday, midnight.

A reminder, and also a communication issued by senior Presidential Press Secretary, Don Wanyama on Monday to Ugandans, via Twitter, reads: “@KagutaMuseveni will address the country tomorrow (Tuesday) at midday (12 noon) to offer guidance in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and earlier guidelines.”

Also, using Facebook, Mr Wanyama, said: “Please be informed that His Excellency the President will address the country tomorrow (Tuesday) at midday to guide on issues COVID-19.

For clarity, the current lockdown ends tomorrow (Tuesday) midnight. Its therefore advisable that you wait till the President makes an official announcement on the way forward before you move out and perhaps get restraining orders from LDUs.”

In one of his directives prior to the latest ones, President Museveni directed that private cars be parked. Mr Museveni noted that he was informed of how some private car drivers [owners] were utilizing the opportunity of no public transport to make money, by transporting people to different places.

The Head of State did also direct that only vehicles carrying cargos, and boda-bodas carrying cargo [food stuffs] should continue to operate.

However, in his 9th address to the nation, last week, Mr Museveni – who was basically clarifying on some of his earlier directives, like curfew, roadside physical exercises, among others, ordered that boda-bodas carrying or delivering cargo should park by 2pm, daily.

In addition, he directed Kampalans who were thronging roads to do physical exercises, to stop. He urged them to do it from home, in their rooms.

The following day, Ugandan leader – since 1986 – now aged 76, ‘taught’ Ugandans how to do ‘indoor exercise’ during the coronavirus lockdown. His video, went viral.

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Speaking on Tuesday for the 10th time, what should Ugandans expect from him?

Sources who have been speaking to TND News over the past hours, say, following cabinet’s and national taskforce Monday meeting, the President was advised “not to withdraw” the lockdown because Uganda seems very capable of managing the deadly coronavirus.

One of the many sources, said: “We are following guidance from Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation on what step to take. As a country, it’s important and a great pleasure the President is now taking guidance from health ministry and that of WHO. He’s told of what calling off the lockdown at this time would mean.”

On Easter Sunday, Uganda confirmed only one case of coronavirus, out of 169 samples tested. The country’s total cases now stand at 54. So far, four people have recovered and were discharged last week.

Another source tells this contemporary digital newspaper that the President was advised to add more 14 days of partial lockdown.

In doing this, the source, who asked not to be named because he doesn’t speak for the Ministry or government, added that it would give health ministry ample time to follow up on more than 500 people who are scattered in the community and poses higher risk of infecting other people.

TND News has reliably been informed that, it was ‘unanimously’ decided that the current status quo be maintained – and at least more two weeks (21 days), of partial lockdown added.

An update from Ministry of Health on Monday evening.

Government spokesperson, Mr Ofwono Opondo in his Sunday retweet to a fake news, alleging that Mr Museveni had decided to extend the lockdown for more two weeks, said: “We shall be guided after special cabinet and task force meeting tomorrow [today]. But be sure situation under control.”

Uganda’s COVID-19 data as of Monday, 13 April 2020

1. Confirmed cases 54
2. Death 00
4. Cumulative samples tested 5,025
5. *Travellers tested 2,661
6. Under intuitional quarantine 244
7. Under follow-up 654
8. Under medical management 49
9. Recovered 4

Source: Ministry of Health

Layout: TND News

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