Lira district undecided on “places” to set-up isolation centres

Lira Regional Referral Hospital's administration block. Courtesy photo.

It might be true that your ears got it right that Lira district had established an isolation center for suspects of COVID-19 at Barapwo health center III in Lira sub-county.

However, TND News has learnt that the place has since turned into a white elephant.

Why? The assistant District Health Officer, Edmond Aceka, says that one essential requirement was to have the health facility fenced but as fate would have it, the district did not have funds and had to rely on well-wishers.

But, again, the bill of quantities from potential contractors scared away the-would be well-wishers. Most of them quoted in the region of shillings 180m and this, according to assistant DHO, was a colossal sum that could not be pulled by the donors.

On the flip side, it should also be recalled that in the build up to the setting up of the now defunct isolation centre at Bar Apwo, Lira sub-county councillor to Lira district local government crossed swords with the Lira Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Milton Odongo.

The former was accused by the latter of mobilising the community to resist the isolation centre. As a matter of fact, Ojuka, the councillor, recorded a statement at Lira Central Police Station after an investigation was instituted against him.

Edmond Aceka, now says they want to access the capacity of Ogur and Amach heath centre IVs respectively with a possibility of setting up an isolation center. From his words, it appears Amach health centre IV, manned by Dr. Isaac Orech looks more suitable.

“We wanted to utilise Lira Town College but the set-up has been slow,” Mr Aceka says.

“Today (Monday) we shall be visiting Ogur and Amach health centre IVs to ascertain the possibility of establishing an Isolation center,” he added.

Lira district has not had any confirmed case of COVID-19, so far.

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