Dokolo COVID -19 task force receives cash, assorted merchandises

Some of the donations to Dokolo COVID-19 DTF.

Uganda is now very ‘well positioned’ to fight coronavirus [COVID-19] at its current rate of infection – and should cases increase.

Over the last weeks, to date, a number of individuals, companies and organisations have donated cash, vehicles, food, among others, to both the central and local governments to help them boost their capacities to fight the virus.

As of yesterday, Friday 10, April, 2020, Uganda’s total cases stood at 53. Three out of the 53 who tested positive of the virus, have now tested negative – twice.

According to the Ministry of Health, they were to be discharged.

With fewer cases being registered, the government is continuously calling for massive donations to guard against any eventuality.

Locally, Dokolo district’s COVID-19 task force is grateful to receive generous contributions from local companies, individuals, and the central government.

“I would like to thank organizations and individuals who have supported us. Together we can win the fight against COVID-19,” Mr Musafiri Suwed, the Communication Officer, Dokolo District Local Government told TND News, in a text message on Good Friday.

Editors’ pick:

One of the groups whose contribution is worth Uganda shilling 1.6m, he says, is Dokolo North Community Initiative (DNCI). The DNCI is comprised of politicians, civil servants, among others, a member, who’s not mandated to speak for the association, told TND News, Thursday.

As of 9 April 2020, the district COVID-19 task force had received the following – as tabulated.

1. Fuel 140 litres Dokolo District Local Government
2. Fuel 100 litres Shine Fuel Station
3. Cash Shs500,000 Hon. Cissy Atim Ogwal, Woman MP, Dokolo
4. Cash Shs500,000 Hon. Paul Amoru Omiat, MP, Dokolo North
5. Cash Shs500,000 Hon. Felix Okot Ogong, MP, Dokolo South
6. Cash Shs500,000 Caritas Lira Diocese
7. Cash Shs300,000 Mr Francis Ojok Aloi
8. Cash Shs500,000 Mr Johnson Ocol
9. Fuel worth Shs500,000 MT Oil Lira
10. Fuel 60 litres Mr Francis Ojok Ajal
11(i) Liquid soap 120 litres DNCI
   (II) Washing cans [j’cans] 9 DNCI
  (iii) Soap 51 boxes DNCI
  (iii) Gumboots 3 pairs DNCI
12 Cash Shs165,000,000 Government of Uganda
13 Radio Airtime Dokolo FM Ltd

Speaking to this digital newspaper on Good Friday, Dr Marus Eton [PhD] who’s a Project Manager, says DNCI started in 2017 and have membership, comprising of people who work in Uganda and different parts of the world but are from Dokolo North.

“In 2017 – 2018, we supported medical facilities in Dokolo North, and every year, we mobilize money to help our vulnerable people,” he added.

158 pairs of bed sheets, 158 pairs of blankets, leather covers for mattresses, detergents, among other donations were made to Health Centre IIs and IIIs in Dokolo North, he told TND News.

According to him, COVID-19 which emerged as an emergency, shifted their attention.

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