Gulu COVID-19 DTF’s ‘shs62m war chest’: List of contributors

Gulu DLG Headquarters. Inset is LC5 Chair Martin O Mapenduzi.

Northern Uganda’s district of Gulu managed to isolate 76 people. Out of the total, 46 did self-quarantine and 30 were placed under institutional quarantine, TND News has learnt from Gulu district chair, Mr Martin Ojara Mapenduzi.

He says samples taken to Uganda Virus Research institute (UVRI) in Entebbe for testing showed negative results.

Additionally, 57 have finished their mandatory 14 days of quarantine and have been given Discharge Certificates.

However, in preparation for any eventuality, the district COVID-19 Task Force have received generous contributions from companies and organisations.

As of Good Friday, the following contributors below have been recognized.

1. (i) Fuel
(ii) Training of health workers
(iii) Management;
(iv) Infections control
Total: Shs16, 894, 000   Caritas Gulu        
2. Fuel 500 Litres Equator Seeds
3. Fuel 150 Litres Whitaker Foundation
(i) Train health workers
(ii)IEC materials;
(iii) Radio talk shows
Care International
(i) Provide ICT gadgets;
(ii) Data for internet connectivity
(i) Training
(ii) Sensitization
(iii) Fuel;
(iv) Radio programs
Shs25,350,000   Save the Children in Uganda
7. Fuel Shs500,000 DFCU Bank, Gulu branch  
8. Cash Shs200,000 Equity Bank, Gulu branch
9. Lunch to those at isolation facility [GRRH] Palema Crown Hotel
10. Breakfast, refreshments and evening meals to those at the isolation facility [GRRH]   Takataka
11. (i) N95 Mask
(ii) Hand sanitizer
(iii) Hand gloves
18 boxes
UNFPA Gulu Office
12. Liquid soap 80 litres HIGEAR Merchandise Ltd
13. Provided items:
(i) Sanitizers
(ii) Jik
(iii) Liquid soap
(iv) Detol soap
(vi) Masks;
(vii) Fuel
Total: Shs21,000,000 Gulu District Local Government
14. (i) Temperature Gun
(ii) Sanitizer
5 litres
Mercy Corps
15. Hand gloves 200 pieces 102, Mega FM
16. (i) Cooking oil
(ii) Salt;
(iii) Fuel
360 litres
20 cartons
200 litres
Zeep Construction & Kalyani Foods & Beverages
17. (i) Sanitizer
(ii) Hand gloves
(iii) Fuel
10 litres
24 boxes
100 litres
Kakanyero Enterprise
18. (i) Sanitizer
(ii) Fuel
5 litres
…for 3 days’ road drive
Flama Uganda
19. (i) Bar soap
(ii) Liquid soap
30 boxes
200 litres
Football for Good
20. (i) Liquid soap
(ii) Hand washing cans
(iii) Basins
(iv) Metallic stands
50 litres
Rotary Club of Gulu
21. Posho 750kgs Gulu University
22. (i) Bar soap
(ii) Liquid soap
(iii) Fuel
60 boxes
560 litres
A cheque of shs1m
Gulu Institute of Health Sciences
23. (i) Road drives
(ii) Public Address System
6 days Gulu Municipal Council
24. Fuel for ambulances Shs1,000,000 Church of Uganda (Diocese of N. Uganda)
25. Cash Shs100,000 No Cost Health Church
26. Cash Shs2,000,000 Atiak Sugar Cooperatives Society
27. Cash Shs100,000 Hope for Humanity
28. Fuel 120 litres Gulu Agricultural Development Company
29. Fuel Worth Shs500,000 Favor of God Ministry
30. Fuel WorthShs500,000 Advance Afrika
31. Medical equipment National Medical Stores

TASK FORCE’S APPEAL: For those who would like to make any contribution, please contact the followings: RDC – 0392177571, LC V Chairman- 0777763640, CAO- 0772342325 & DHO-0775341699 or you can send your contribution to: GULU DISTRICT TASK FORCE COVID-19, A/C NO: 01093658242426, DFCU, Gulu Branch.

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