In Uganda, Boda-bodas directed to stop cargo delivery by 2pm, daily

A boda man carries a female client. NB: She's not a cargo - photo for news purpose only. Courtesy photo.

  • As of Wednesday, 8 April, 2020, country’s COVID-19 cases rose from 52 to 53. This was after one new case was confirmed later in the night.

Ugandan leader, Yoweri Museveni has said boda-boda riders transporting cargo should stop delivery by 2pm, daily.

Mr Museveni who was addressing the nation for the 8th time since 18, March 2020, added: “We don’t want to see boda boda on the road after 2pm.”

He also warned some people who have turned their homes into bars, saying they will be investigated.

“Even drinking at home is breaching rules of health emergency regulations. Anybody breaching this regulations will be charged with attempted murder,” he said.

He added: “Specifically here in Uganda and Africa, we are not fighting against coronavirus. We are fighting primarily against the social indiscipline of our people. They do not want to follow even the simplest guidelines; for them, it must always be about convenience and comfort, but this is a matter of life and death.”

On Wednesday, the President also confirmed one new coronavirus case out of 214 people tested, bringing the total for Uganda to 53.

So far, over 3,600 people have been tested for the virus in Uganda and thousands are scattered across the country.

Mr Museveni noted with concern some people who are breaching the “stay home” guidelines and are doing physical exercise on streets.

“If you want to exercise, do it at home. There should be no exercising in public. Exercise in your compound, and room and tomorrow [Thursday] I will put a video for you to know how to exercise in your room,” Museveni added.

During the current lockdown, a number of Ugandans, including health workers have been beaten by LDUs and Police. On this, Mr Museveni apologized.

“I am sorry that LDU’s stopped medical doctors and harassed them before the stickers came. I am very sorry about that. I also have problems with my security people who like beating people. This must stop, I don’t want to see a security person beating people.”

According to him, beating is “illegal and not called for”. “We don’t even beat animals these days. It sends a bad image which has the effect of isolating us both outside and inside the country”, he added.

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