ACTION LEADERSHIP: Save Uganda from medical emergencies

Mr Morris Chris Ongom is also the Board Chair - GLCSMS LLC & TND News. Courtesy photo.

By Morris Chris Ongom   

Shalom, global family and, especially, the citizens of Uganda. As we brace the challenging tides of the COVID 19 pandemic, action leadership is required across the nations.

Let me specifically talk about my country, Uganda. I appreciate His Excellency President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Ministry of Health and all leaders working to save lives from the COVID 19 pandemic. However, I also have some concerns.

I have been checking on various government health centres here in Lira to establish the state of service delivery amidst this pandemic but my findings are worrying. While our frontline staff are fighting on, medical emergencies, especially medical support to pregnant mothers and children, among others, are in a dire state.

Secondly, health workers seem to be in a state of anxiety and fear, given that they don’t have personal protective equipment (PPE). We encourage our leaders to review, at this time, how health service access and utilization for various groups are being handled.

Editors’ Pick:

Critical is the issue of transportation for the sick and our front line medical personnel. I think we ought to support efforts to prevent the pandemic and save all lives as well. I agree we must prioritize action on combating the pandemic yet we owe our people the best medical service response at such a time.

A time like this requires a total revolution of the way we lead. My prayer is that our local leaders must reflect on how best they can lead at this time. These are extraordinary times and we require extraordinary leadership.

My country, my duty.

The author is the CEO, GLOFORD Uganda: Board Chairperson, GLCSMS LLC & TND News

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