Fmr RDC, Emily Akullu warns security personnel executing COVID-19 directives 

An LDU filimed beating up a Kampala young fruit vendor this year. Courtesy photo.

ON TUESDAY NIGHT, President Museveni issued his 7th nation address to Ugandans. The President, was clarifying on some of the directives he had issued a day before – on Monday, among them; introduction of curfew, banning of all private cars, among others.

Without any doubt, all Museveni’s directives, from 18 March, 2020 when he issued the initial directives, to yesterday’s – are all to be executed by the country’s security personnel.

Now, with security team literally in charge of the country, in terms of executing the directives of the Commander In Chief, aimed at curtailing further spread across the country, and restricting movements of the majority of Ugandans, by keeping them at homes, a warning has been communicated to men and women in uniform – including opportunistic politicians.

“I want to send words to the security team who are managing this coronavirus. First of all they should not take this opportunity, as an opportunity to amass themselves wealth and involve in high level of corruption because God is seeing,” Emily Akullu Omaraca, the former deputy RDC of Busia and Moroto districts, said in an interview with TND News on Tuesday afternoon.

“Because President’s directives are being abused,” she says. “If he said let supermarkets be open and follow the rules, what is wrong?” she added.

Now, others are demanding for permission. Don’t you know that one is putting you at risk and your family at risk and spreading the disease? The former deputy head of the district security committee, noted.

Ms Akullu added that whoever is in security in one way or another, doing the above is unacceptable because if you make someone sick then you have added more sickness.

“This is the time for security groups in the country to prove that they are worth. Be it the army, police, private security; this is the time to show that the security is for citizen] not for harassment,” Akullu further said, adding: “It’s the time to prove the name of the institutions by good work.”

She noted with concern that even Boda bodas who are supposed to go and buy people food are being stopped, yet Museveni said boda bodas carrying cargos [food] should be allowed to operate.

“Let the security cooperate and implement the directives but not initiate their own, people are already so scared,” Emily, who’s also the Alebtong district women council chairperson, added.

As woman council [leader], imagine women now in homes are the ones keeping this peace and security. So, let women continue to keep their children at home as we monitor the situation, because the burden comes back to us.

On social media posts, she noted that people should post responsibly. “There are now people posting their production saying that it can kill coronavirus and that is dangerous,” the youthful female politician, also an economist, says.

She urged leaders like LC1s, LC2s, and all leaders at different levels to try as much as possible to sensitize within their localities, noting that: “Some people are not aware of what they should do, some don’t even have radio sets.”

Another group of people in the community, she said should be catered for, are “the deaf and dump”. “Let the people within the community take it upon themselves to interpret to the deaf and dump what is happening because some of them are not even aware, and the disease should be defined to them.

According to Emily, at this trying moment, “you can’t stock food and not share with your neighbour who is suffering.” She added: “It is not good.”

On elders, she urged, especially those who don’t have anybody to help now, that they should take this as a voluntary service because they [elders] are the most at risk.

“Even everybody should do that which is there. Don’t cross on path where you don’t fall because some want to be security, others doctors and that’s dangerous – everyone should follow his or her profession [path],” she gave further guidance.

“Politicians should desist from cheap politics. If you put cheap politics and people die who next will you meet?” she asks.

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