“The corona I know!” Uganda people, here are ways we can reap from corona crisis

Mr Odaka Asuman. File photo

By Odaka Asuman

Coronavirus is viciously deadly on human race, extremely harmful to our economic lifelines, it has greatly affected our social lives, stalled our religious practices, grossly limited our human interactions and thrown our political preparations into complete uncertainty.

These parameters are the foundations of human creation and what distinguishes human from other beings.

In John 10:10, the Bible seems directly speaking about #Covid19. Coronavirus you are a thief, you are a killer, a robber and extremely dangerous existential test to the descendants of Adam and Eve.

But like #HEBobiWine said in his latest song, “everyone is a potential victim but the good news is that everyone is a potential solution”.

Yes, potential victim because the virus fears no army General or sympathises with no army private, it respects political heavy weights, not president, not MP, not Ministers, not even village chairman yet spares no ordinary voter.

 It spares no rich yet knows no poor. Coronavirus leaves no father or mother not even their toddlers. It detest no dirty filthy or very hygienic person. The virus knows no educated not an illiterate.  It spares no lunatic nor intellectual. It kills both urban dwellers and villagers alike. It selects no political affiliation and spares not, even the non-political, it consumes all professionals including medics.

The thing is a universal killer, a mass murderer, a complete disaster and a plague of equalisation nature.

On the other hand, we are all potential solutions because we can be agents if stopping it together, most importantly by strictly following the guidelines issued by WHO, MoH and government generally because as of now, those are the most authentic and reliable sources of trustable information about the same.

But if I may only add my voice, kindly adhere to; (I).  Avoid body contact, (ii) wash your hands with soap as many times as you humanly can, (III). Avoid crowded places, (IV) obey guidance by gov’t experts, (v) for more information visit WHO website.

I know that at times like this, there are normally a lot of anxiety, deceitful information, unsubstantiated rumours, information overload and sometimes bad elements taking advantage of the situation to lie to the general population, cheat some and steal from others.

Others simply think of scooping political capital while others think of “stealing the show”. The advice is, let no one live your life or determine how you live your life

As Tororo, we have won ourselves the first position to appeal for hands of help in terms of food ratio despite all the advantages associated with our placement in the geography. This reflects badly on us especially the leadership.

True, the cities/ town are no go areas as of today but the blessings is that God has continued to give us rain. Let’s retreat to the gardens. We may lack money but must guarantee the presence of food in our houses.

I should point out that this could be an opportunity for us to rediscover where we went wrong with our traditional ways of food security techniques, cultural life and traditional norms. Towns had taught us to adopt Western lifestyle but coronavirus has already proved that life style is defective, wrong and unsustainable.

First and far most, none of us can tell how this will end or even when it will last. Nonetheless, we must all remember that when the storm finally ends, children have to go back to school and schools will not forgive you for any reasons not even the assault of #Covid19. So, the source of the next school fees could be the blessings of the current downpour.

In the words of our own celebrated economist Prof. Ochieng Orisa “…in every problem there must be an opportunity…” We must reap the opportunity that has come with Coronavirus while guarding ourselves against the problems associated with it.

The gospel about staying home doesn’t mean staying in bed sleeping all day or procreating, you can look after poultry, you can grow vegetables, tomatoes, keep bees, make bricks etc.

 This maybe an opportunity to turn all our homes into productive units and centres, you can learn new skills, how to make cakes, bake bread, make soap, candles, make table clothes, etc.

I will tell you that some people may decide not to go back to their work places because they will have realised that self-employment pays much more. Or that all along they have been wasting their times in offices

Let part of the benefits of Coronavirus be your self-discovery and self-empowerment.

Stop calling on government to help you because it will not, first do your part well, when it comes, it will be simply an extra push on the back but if it doesn’t, you won’t die. 

You must know that the prophetic times when you must only rely on yourself could actually be this one. It’s each man for himself, only God for us all.

The mind-set should be a winning one only. But as you do all these, #StaySafe #StopCoronavirus

The writer is an aspiring MP, Tororo Municipality (in the next election)

WhatsApp: +256753195384, Email: asumanmrjn@gmail.com

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