COVID -19: Public Opinion – what the population want Museveni to talk about, fix

President Museveni an his guest elbow greets each other recently at Uganda's State House.

UGANDA coronavirus cases is standing at 33, according to Ministry of Health’s Sunday night confirmation.  The same ministry also announced that the affected people are recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

With complete ban on all public transport system across the country, a decision taken by President Museveni to restrict movement and spread of coronavirus, the Head of State will address the nation at 8pm, today [Monday].

“I will address the country today at 8pm, offering an update on the status of the Covid-19 pandemic and what more measures we can undertake as a country to stem the spread of this disease,” President Museveni tweeted on Monday.

COVID-19 message by WHO

Today, in the Third Edition of “COVID -19 Public Opinion”we publish suggestions, advice and appeals by some Ugandans who dispatched their concerns to us. Read on:

The Edwin Foundation Tea Initiative [EFOTI Limited] director, Mr Edwin Atukunda Beekunda has urged the President to guide farmers across the country amidst coronavirus threats.

“I would like the President to address the nation/farmers on how to handle agriculture. Farmers should be mobilised, sensitized on radios, televisions and social media,” Mr Atukunda added.

“We have a challenge of coronavirus where people will just sit at home and wait for heaven; we have to train people on how to manage overgrown tea [not normal seedlings] because they have never handled it, especially tea farmers from northern Uganda.”

My name is Daniel Abok, the following precautionary or preventive measures need to be done as soon as possible to avoid escalation of Coronavirus in the country.

1. While we are working so hard on case management, the government should ensure “Corona risk communication messages” which is the key and should reach the grass root level and these messages should be translated in all local languages for better understanding. The message can be disseminated through a mobile vehicle with a speaker on top. There are myth circulating in the community at the moment regarding Coronavirus and this is very dangerous for mitigation process.

2. A curfew time from 8pm to 6 am in the morning is required. Many people are travelling in the night and early morning to avoid being seen or caught by the security operatives.

3. Close down shops and leave only essential businesses like Health Centres, restaurants and pharmacy, markets selling food stuffs with good measures put in place during transactions.

3. Government offices, organisations should only allow essential staffs to go at work but the rest should remain at home.

4. The government should implement a decree one day after its announcement to give some little time for the population to prepare for such event.

5. Where need be, a total lock-down can as well work.

For God and my Country.

Another person, Mr Thomson Paul Obira, said:

“I’m scared we may lose our people if we don’t take it with seriousness. We from Lira are reckless, not mindful, not staying home.”

He added: “I propose that the government should send trained hyenas in streets to prevent people from malingering.”

Another one, Lenin Odongo, who said he’s a job seeker, said: “Thanks we are only forty two million people in Uganda. We [as he said] are kindly requesting government to give each and very body at least one million shillings.”

Dr Diini Emmanuel Kisembo, who has shown interest to replace Ambassador of Uganda to Burundi, H.E Matayo Kyaligonza as the NRM national vice chairperson in charge Western Uganda, urged the president to issue further directives.

“I thank the president and ask him to add more measures on movements of people like enforcing district per district quarantine,” he said.

“He [president] should also try and look into the vulnerable people of Uganda; help them get food items that can sustain them for at least 6month.”

Ms Janet Akello, on behalf of small and medium holder farmers in Alebtong district, said: “We kindly seek for your standard recommendations/guideline on how we can attend to our gardens at this critical moment, without harming our health as abandoning our gardens is like death sentence to our livelihood.”

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