COVID 19 – Peoples’ advise to Museveni, health ministry

President Museveni and Health Minister Dr Jane Aceng.

Early this week, TND News introduced “COVID -19: PUBLIC OPINION” – a platform for general public and health experts to offer advise and strict measures [proposals] to President Museveni and the Ministry of Health in order to control further spread of coronavirus across the country.

The publication’s appeal to the public

As of Friday night, government had confirmed 23 total cases. Same day, in the morning, Ministry of Health had confirmed four new cases – making further confirmation of five more, in the night.

With a ban on all public transport, public gatherings, among other strict directives, the virus is continuing to threaten the country.

However, government is optimistic it will curtail further spreads, and those in isolation are said to be recovering.

Since we asked the public to share their advice [proposals] with government, a number of feedback have come.

By WHO Africa

Moving forward, a medical expert – working with government’s health institution in northern Uganda who asked for anonymity, is conveying the following questions to the President and Ministry of Health.

1- Is it true that ministry of health officials have been strict at Entebbe as they reported?

2- Couldn’t they have faxed intimidation from VIPs like MPs, some of whom were caught in parliament after escaping screening?

3- Couldn’t they have faced intimidation with children of big shots in government who were rushed home as the airport faced a shut down?

4- Could it be that the Chinese and Indian nationals were protesting quarantine because they saw some VIPs were being softly handled?

5- Can’t the Iganga case and the Ajumami indicate to us that the virus is now within?

By JB Uhuru – Gulu civil rights activist, wrote:

A polite request to the President of the Republic of Uganda, H.E Gen. Yoweri Museveni Kaguta.”

“Your Excellency, I don’t qualify to reach you and advise you but the following are in the minds of Ugandans;

1.That if you could close down all Schools, bars ,crowd gatherings and even churches and Mosques by decrees, do you wait to use spies to arrest those who increase prices of essential goods, or the same decree you used to close schools , bars, social gatherings, churches and mosques  can bring order?

2. Your Excellency, our people want to listen to you ordering NWSC to supply water to people free of charge in this time of Corona out break?

3. Your Excellency, our people want you to instruct minister of disaster to distribute free soaps more cheaply to sanitizer for washing hands.

4. Your Excellency the people want to listen to you saying government has bought salts, food and other essentials ready to be distributed to the people by LCs.

5.Your Excellency, our people want to listen to you instructing companies through NSSF to buy essentials to its employees since that would be handled later when corona is no more.

6. Your Excellency, our people want to listen to you instructing UMEME to give free reliable electricity to people in this trying period of corona pandemic.

NB: Your Excellency, already details of the elderly people can be traced through Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development under SAGE Project.

“I strongly want the government to heavily deploy army in all streets all over the country. All town centres need to be evacuated. People should stay home. Only single persons to move out to buy essential needs where possible,” Paul Aryono

Innocent Otim, Lira district youth chairperson wrote;

“I pray that as the ministry try their best to save us, all the necessary health measures must be taken by the staff before touching any patient. I am socked this afternoon when I saw a Nursing officer checking on the temperature and the heater pump level for an infant who was at a later stage confirmed positive.”

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