Besigye tells colleague doctors he’s available to help them fight coronavirus

Dr Kizza Besigye says he's available to help fight COVID-19.

Wakiso “What every Ugandan should do is to kneel down and pray. This is a matter that is beyond our competences. We need God; we need supreme power to reign such a hopeless situation,” Dr Kizza Besigye said while appearing on Morning @NTV on Thursday.

He added: “The next level, as I have pointed out is helping ourselves. I would appeal for people to stay at home to the extent that is possible.”

“We also need to help each other maximally during this crisis. We must work together, we support each other maximally. If you have food, please share with neighbours.”

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“If we can lock ourselves up for two weeks, in that time, the sick will be known. If you become sick, raise an alarm.”

“And most importantly, I appeal to my colleagues in the medical profession, this is the time to step up.”

“If you need us who are no longer in the medical profession, who are no longer in service of medical profession; if you need me, I will come and support. Let’s help the country to overcome the crisis.”

Regrettably, help is not something that can be organised on an individual basis, it needs the state, Besigye added.

“To my colleagues in the medical sector, this is the time to serve selflessly, don’t look at allowances. I haven’t practiced medicine for the last 40 years but if you need me I will come. This cannot be defeated on an individual basis, we need to work together,” four time presidential aspirant continues.

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