Why COVID-19 should visit Uganda in every president’s reign

By Odaka Asuman

“The policy lesson to our (mis) leaders and the policy makers” – Odaka

Coronavirus [COVID -19] is certainly a creation of  international conspiracy groups nursing evil ambitions to personalize and bring the whole world under their singular rule led by what is generally called the “committee of 300” (read briefly about them).

They are a secretive power elites with a globalist’s agenda conspiring to eventually bring the world into an authoritarian central point which will replace sovereign state using an all – encompassing propaganda whose ideology hails the establishment of the New World Order as the culmination of what they call progress of history.

This so called “committee of 300” are the richest owners of international corporations and trans-border businesses. They are suspected to have manufactured all these deadly viral diseases from Anthrax, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Cancer and now Coronavirus.

Most cross boarder wars are created and sponsored by them to enable them sell and test their newest fire arms, create conditions to conduct their deadly research on human beings, disrupt organizational fabrics of societies, destroy peoples’ life style, introduce and cause forced migrations. They are also the accredited creators and sponsors of deadly international terrorist networks and fights of true religion as they found new religions based on what they call liberalism.

They never run out of ideas of how to bring nations and states on their knees. They have mastered how to divert states and compromise their security as they meddle and plunder world resources to facilitate them in their missions.

For a long time, they have created a false alarm in the minds of nations that the next crisis in the world would be caused by nuclear making countries to abandon all other fields of research to immune their nations and invest in “security”. Countries have invested nearly all they have in researching and manufacturing most deadly killing machines, neglecting other sectors.

This purified propaganda made some countries especially in Africa to neglect investing in vital sectors like health care infrastructures, good and practical education system; convinced governments to disassociate from business and other economic activities in the name of a hollow ideology of liberalism and privatization.

As they do this, they construct attractive social services in their capitals where the African leaders go to leaving the local ones to rot. In this way, a dual society is built where the poor are very poor and the rich are also very rich, but only as much as the secret societies allow them to be rich.

The quick examples are; Mobutu Sese Seko was said to be very rich but was buried standing in Morocco; Muammar Gaddafiwas thought to be very rich but nobody can point to his grave, Saddam Hussein was very rich but was killed like a dog, etc., What this means is that these leaders are only rich as much they allow to be agents and servants, when they deviate, they fall and fall badly.

I want to predict that Coronavirus pandemic is one of the final assaults to bring independence states to their knees (disorganize and reorganize them to suite their agenda).

Despite all the evil associate with the killer virus, it presents us with a very good policy tutorial especially to our intransigent policy makers. And anybody would (sarcastically) say that such disease should be able to visit our countries at least once in every (five years) lifetime of a president.

I will state it without any fear of contradiction that if our (mis) leaders expected such a moment when they would not be able to fly ship and fly themselves to overseas hospitals, our health care system would be much better, our education system would be productive and our governance system would by more inclusive. Budget allocation would have made sense and been pro-poor.

Because nobody had ability to predict this, for 35 years the policy orientation of the NRM government has been towards constructing a dual economic society, separating the poor from the rich. They have exhibited behaviours as though they intend to shift to another country only known to themselves. Their leadership has been pro rich which they call the “middle-class”.

To them, when the roads became too potholed, they bought huge cars and are in advanced stage to building private roads for themselves, when their educational policy (UPE) failed, they introduced international education curriculum in addition to using state scholarship for only their children to go to over sea schools. After destroying the public health care infrastructures, their short term strategy was to fly their families out of the country as they build their own hospitals not affordable to the ordinary Ugandans.

District, regional and national referral hospitals are all shadows of their former self but thanks to coronavirus, the society has been democratized and property equalized.

And for the first time a sense of levelled field is being provided forcefully. If it’s giving birth, everyone must do it here, if it’s cancer no one will go anywhere, whether its kidney transplant or heart surgery – we are facing it here!

Even the awareness that has come with the virus has made Ugandans feel united, seem to be forgiving and slowly embracing even those who caused the collapse of national institution which could now be anchoring the patriotic fights against the deadly disease.

Coronavirus has also offered the best opportunity for Dr Museveni to step down with a semblance of loyalty and love from Ugandans. For the first time in many years, I saw people rushing home to listen to Dr Museveni, although many got disappointed with the “outrageous-marie antenato“ kind of suggestion of stay home, don’t travel in public transport, use your own, etc. This, of course exposed the president as a leader completely touched with situation of the ordinary person he is leading.

The performance of Hon. Dr Jane Ruth Aceng strengthens the argument that appointment made on merit and competence saves in times of need. The expertise, competencies, proficiency, skills, technical know-how and the professionalism with which the beautiful health minister has so far led the fight against the killer virus, has made Ugandans very proud of her. This should be the ultimate way to go for all there sectors. #BravoJaneRuthAceng.

For now, I appeal to everyone to take highest level of precautions. For we can disagree politically etc., but only when all of us are alive.

I dedicate you all “…coward of the country” By Kenny Rogers #RIPKenny

The writer is an Aspiring MP, Tororo Municipality 2021.

WhasApp: +256753195384

Email. asumanmrjn@gmail.com

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