UPC: “Uganda’s investors, companies making illicit wealth from corona pandemic”

UPC party spokeperson Michael Orach Osinde addressing press in Kampala on Wednesday.

Kampala Uganda Peoples’ Congress [UPC] party has come out to issue serious concerns as coronavirus continues to ravage the world.

The coronavirus pandemic has, however, emerged with some opportunities; where particular businesses, and investors are minting ‘millions of shillings’ out of its daily upsurge.

Among key items now highly being consumed – as recommended by health experts is a hand sanitizer. Since coronavirus surge, the price has since gone up – according to UPC party.

A 60ml hand sanitizer that used to cost between shillings 5,000 and 7,000 has since gone up in most shops in Kampala by nearly 20 percent – our findings reveal.

According to UPC, Uganda is vulnerable, adding: “Uganda should be on record.”

“If the price of a sanitizer had been shillings 5,000, there is no need to take advantage of this and run a round to exploit our fellow Ugandans, in terms of thinking of making money rather than thinking of preventing the pandemic.”

 “It has come to our notice that the price of products like sanitizer, which we are depending on as of now are abnormally escalating! We call upon companies that manufacture such items, investors and sales outlets not to take advantage of this worrying situation to gain quick profit therefore illicit wealth. This is time where the spirit of volunteerism is most needed and we encourage all people to do that,” Mr Michael Orach Osinde, UPC party spokesperson said during a media conference in Kampala, on Wednesday.

As we go through this situation, Mr Osinde added that UPC wants Uganda Virus Research Institute [UVRI] to be fully upgraded to the levels that can deal adequately with the emerging threats of corona.

“You recall vividly that Uganda Virus Research Institute we have that structure, very powerful structure but as we speak now, it’s our considered opinion that if government would inject in money so that we continue studying aspects on how, among other things addressing aspects not only with Coronavirus but Ebola, was also a threat here,” UPC demands.

On prevention, opposition party further demands that government act swiftly like they did on desert locusts’ outbreak. They adds a team of medical personnel should be on the ground in the country

MP Jimmy Akena led UPC also asked government to do “monitor closely both China and Cuba: they are doing a great job in containing the spread of coronavirus as they are sending volunteers across the globe to help out.”

According to Worldometer, coronavirus cases is rising. Currently, there are 204,047 cases and 8,250 deaths, globally.

The same source adds that the coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 170 countries and territories around the world and 1 international conveyance (the Diamond Princess Cruise ship harbored in Yokohama, Japan).

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