M7 bans night-clubs, victims of coronavirus to get state burials

President Museveni an his guest elbow greets each other recently at Uganda's State House.

State House, Uganda – In his nation address on Wednesday evening, Uganda’s Yoweri Musevei has banned all church services with immediate effect, and ordering closure of all schools, universities and colleges and tertiary institutions for 30 days.

Mr Museveni, has also restricted burials to only close [family] members in the area, in a bid to fight coronavirus that can easily spread with a huge crowd.

Unless the person dies of coronavirus, “The State will take over the burial in a scientific way,” he says.

Editors’ Pick:

Many state burials attract gun salutes, and nobody knows and can tell if, in this scenario coronavirus victims will be entitled to such.

The president says burials cannot be postponed for 30 days, a reason he says should be done by few mourners.

Hotels, markets, and transports have been waived – but with terms and conditions and close monitoring by Ministry of health.

“Only travel when it is necessary. Public transport companies should follow the Ministry of Health guidelines. In the event of an outbreak in a locality, public transport will discontinue in that area and the area will be isolated,” he directs

The president, on drunkards, says: “Drunkards sit close to each other, speaking while spitting saliva. You are a danger to yourselves. All these bars, casinos and nightclubs have been banned for 32 days with immediate effects.”

While coronavirus continues to ravage the globe, and with Uganda’s neighboring countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania registering positive coronavirus patients, Uganda is yet to register a single case, besides numerous false reports, in recent weeks.

Uganda’s health ministry has remained confident, and updated population on steps to take, and steps they are taking to stop the pandemic from attacking.

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