Yosam Odur Ebii: “I’m the legitimate, enthroned paramount chief”

Lango Paramount Chief Yosam Odur Ebii is ill but stable. Courtesy/File photo.

Apac – Speaking during a burial in Teboke, Apac district last week [March 10th], Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii assured mourners that he’s the legitimate and enthroned paramount chief [Won Nyaci] of Lango.

Mzee Odur, spoke firstly by talking about his previous successful visit to western Uganda for a function he was invited to attend alongside his executives.

In what sounded like a ‘jibe’ on those struggling for his position as Lango’s number one, Won Nyaci was given a favourable moment to deliver his speech.

According to him, he was enthroned and told to “rule for perpetuity” unless misfortune affects him and a new paramount chief [Won Nyaci] is elected.

“Electing……someone to keep Lango. However, if you feel like you are tired, write a letter to the committee……..,” he told mourners who listened to him inaudibly.

Adding: “I’m not afraid of anyone unless a competent person who I can give him the office is got, for now I’m still the Won Nyaci.”

According to Mzee Odur, he carries, wherever he goes, Lango’s blessings because “they elected me”.

The troubled paramount chief said the above during the burial of Mr Edward Odongo who until his death, was working with Dokolo health centre IV.

Currently, majority of Lango are engulfed with confusion as to who is their true, legitimate and gazetted paramount chief.

In 2017, Eng Dr Micheal Odongo Okune also took the top cultural office – going ahead to form his cabinet – after his enthronement at his Lira Municipality based home.

Mr Odongo Okune, who worked under Mzee Odur as a Diaspora Minister, has shown reasons for his legitimacy, by moving around Lango to install clan chiefs, among others.

However, many believe he should have waited to take over the Won Nyaci role if he badly wants it, while others claim he’s not a right man.

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