How Arak-ongoda clan arbitrated land saga between adopted children and grandpa

Mr Patrick Abal - The Arak-ongoda clan chief. Courtesy photo.

Aber The clan chief [Awitong] of Arak-ongoda clan has warned children born out of wedlock, but have since been adopted by clans of their mothers (otino luk) to exhibit discipline in their communities, or risked being sent away to look for their fathers.

Mr Patrick Abal issued this serious warning on 13, March 2020 while presiding over a meeting at Tegony village, Aber sub-county in Oyam District.

The meeting was convened by the clan chief, and his executives to resolve a land dispute between Mzee Yokoyadi Bua [Mr Abal’s predecessor] and his grandsons; Opito Jolly Joe and Opio Lawrence.

Mzee Yokoyadi Bua explained that his grandsons wanted to evict him and had threatened to kill him over land which he acquired in 1964 while working as an Askari of then Local Government.

The contested land, according to Mr Yokoyadia – he acquired long before the grandsons were born to his daughter, late Sophia Omele Anyuru.

Responding to their grandpa’s statement, the two grandsons said they all thought the land belonged to their late mother.

“This dispute led to bitter relationship in the family,” Mr Abal told TND News, Saturday.

The clan chief soon pronounced that the land in dispute belongs 100% to Mzee Yokoyadi Bua, and that the grandsons could only benefit by showing discipline to Mzee Yokoyadi Bua and his children.

While Mzee Yokoyadi Bua and his children wanted the grandsons evicted from the land to go and look for their fathers, Awitong preferred that they be cautioned and observed.

“If their behaviour would change for better, otherwise the clan would be provoked to take the final decision of revoking their clan membership by ordering for removing of their names from clan register and being issued eviction notice for them to go and look for their fathers,” the clan chief added.

He added, further: “If they fail to comply with rules and regulations in Arak Ongoda clan constitution.”

Awitong further advised them to buy their own land on which to settle, rather than just be drinking off rent money they collect from a commercial building at Atura trading centre which was built by their late mother.

In his welcome remark, the Local Council 1 chairman, Mr Solomon Okello thanked the Awitong for his prompt intervention, “otherwise i had feared that violence was imminent in that family,” he reveals.

The area local leader advised the grandsons to reform and be disciplined, otherwise they risked being rejected everywhere they would go.

The meeting was attended by Arak Ongoda clan elders such as: Mzee Charles Twomo of Loro, Ismael Oloro of Aber; Imat Ventorina Parakak of Kakooge in Lira; Imat Betty Ocika from Aloni in Iceme; Toto Okeng from Iceme and Nelson Moro  -clan (Saza) chief (Rwot) of Oyam south county.

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