FDC’s Amuriat on Corona: Will our economy survive?

FDC party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat. Courtesy photo.

World leaders – especially politicians have in recent weeks or so issued statements over now a global scare – Coronavirus.

The pandemic continues to subvert global businesses with the economies of top counties in the world expected to be hit.

Politically, in Uganda – opposition political party – Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] president has issued his opinion on Friday evening.

Patrick Oboi Amuriat, using his official Facebook page, wrote:

“Corona virus is a real exposure phenomenon. Unraveling global peace and distorting economies of countries including giants.”

“Reality has befallen us especially those who chose to mismanage our country. Over reliance on imports and the negative balance of trade is a great disadvantage hitting us hard at the moment? Will our economy survive? Only time will tell. My view is that we will only be saved by a shortened span of the pandemic.”

“But significantly Corona virus should be an eye opener and my reference will just be on our health services. Corona is saying to the dictatorship to urgently provide services that would efficiently serve both the wealthy rulers and the wretched of the world.”

“With a shutdown of the world I wonder where those who have taken billions of taxpayers’ money seeking expert medical treatment abroad at the expense of the rest of us, will now go. Where will you take your wives and daughters for antenatal attention yet the Italy is risky. Your simple flu and cough and prostate cancer that you run with to India, where will you this time go?”

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On February 29, 2020, President Museveni urges self quarantinefor Coronavirus. Mr Museveni also said the pandemic undermines economies, adding it’s “disruptive and inconvenient”.

“Coronavirus is becoming a global threat, which means that we must rely heavily on our personal behavior first, while the ministry of health guides us on other measures,” he added.

“We fought Aids by behavior, even before we got medicine,” Mr Museveni told Ugandans, appealing to all to join hands in preventing the pandemic, even at a personal level by precautionary behavior.

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