Oyam registers high teen pregnancy, early marriage in the last quarter

A teenage mother. Photo courtesy: The Observer


  • Uganda, is a very young country with a third of the population under 19 years. A youthful population could transform this country, but not as long as “babies are still making babies” and there is a high rate of girls under 14 giving birth, some as young as 10.
  • Also, a quarter of Ugandan women will have a child by 19. On average, they don’t start seeking contraception until they have at least two kids.

Oyam district has registered high rate of teenage pregnancy and early marriage in the last quarter, writes Isabella Olong.

 According to the previous report, it states that 29% teenage girls got pregnant – with Ngai sub-county in Oyam North leading with 21%.

The district Woman MP, Hon. Santa Alum Ogwang, says she’s still in shock over this report.

The Woman MP is calling upon parents to take education for young girls as a serious matter.

According to Mrs. Alum, speaking at a belated International Women’s Day held on 10, March, 2020 at Lango College, Adyel division in Lira Municipality, she says “most parents are selling off their young daughters for marriage’’.

Editors’ Pick:

Speaking to our reporter on the 11, March, 2020, the Oyam’s secretary community based services, Mrs Anna Ekol, confirmed this statistic and cautioned parents on the little support they give to their daughters.

“…it results to early marriage and teenage pregnancy,” she added.

“We are trying our best hoping this new quarter, there will be a lot of decrease in the number of teenage pregnancy and early marriage,’’ Mrs Ekol noted.

According to her, Otwal and Aleka sub-counties used to lead in teenage pregnancy and early marriage, but because of hard work, she tells TND News: “It has gone down though Ngai sub-county is leading with 21%.”


Meanwhile, Kamdini Town Council in Oyam South nearly seven months ago came into spotlight after young ladies were accused of dropping fetuses like rotten cabbages.

According to unverified information, sources say the town council could be leading with high abortion cases

Sarah Ajok, one of the residents revealed that she frequently gets information from garbage collectors about fetuses placed in dustbins.

“My neighbour is a community cleaner and normally tells me about getting aborted babies wrapped up in a black pil or boxes whenever they are collecting rubbish from the centre and that the aborted  babies are many,” Ms. Ajok said of her neighbour.

Apari Nana also says the challenges triggering the high abortion is negligence by the men in the area who after impregnating the desperate girls go hiding, leaving them (poor girls) with responsibility of taking care of the unborn babies.

Moses Omara who’s the LC1 Kamdini Town Council acknowledged that: “Recently, i was aggrieved that a woman took her 17 year old daughter for forced abortion and as leaders we are arresting such type of people and charging them with murder.”

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