Meet Dan Matsiko – ‘FDC man’ resolute to win 2021 presidency

Mr Dan Matsiko has been cleared by Electoral Commission to consult Ugandans.


Kampala As of 4th March 2020, the Electoral Commission had received letters of intentions for Presidency from 28 Ugandan gentlemen and one lady.

In the list, the 29th aspirant is Mr Dan Matisko – a man who has been pivotal to Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] party survival, as he claims.

He reveals how resolute he’s, more than his fellow contenders to win the 2021 presidential race.

Standing for presidency under his political pressure group, The New Form of Thinking [NFT], Mr Matsiko, who says he has been inspired and mentored by Dr Kizza Besigye right from 1998 when the latter wrote a dossier on current government, tells TND News he’s a graduate of political science from Makerere University. That is the time he narrates joining the mainstream political arena of Uganda.

He has been one of the first campaigners for Dr Kizza Besigye during his Reform Agenda era – up to the time FDC party was established.

The 2001 brutality, he says left him and many others with scars on his legs and he, with Braruhanga Frank and others missed being assassinated when their car was hit with several bullets – by state agents.

Narrating his ordeal – the presidential hopeful added he had to escape to Dar es salaam and later to Kenya, before settling in Tanzania and South Africa – respectively.

While in exile, Matsiko had in mind, one day he would return home and play his politics.


On why he’s a right man for president, Besigye’s former ‘student’ says in FDC party, he managed to dislodge ‘mole’ Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu out of FDC in his quest for another term in office because the former party leader lacked ‘time frame’ and was disuniting opposition – and serving the interest of President Museveni.

“I even told Gen Muntu I have come for you and you will go,” Matsiko, says in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

According to him, there is another General inside State House he’s definitely going to remove from power – like he did to Mr Muntu – the current Alliance for National Transformation National [ANT] party chief coordinator.

“The New Form of Thinking (NFT) in Uganda is a political pressure group networking for good governance and proper democratic representation which is hugely youth anchored. The country requires a new narrative in the socio-economic and political setup of our life. NFT Uganda is here to perfectly ensure the political equation in this country is balancing to achieve sustainable development for all,” he added.

Mr Matsiko, 42, comes with a radical proposal of building a strong intelligence system that can rival NRM and its current state intelligence. “There is no group or party that can outmanoeuvre NRM without a strong intelligence system.”

Also an aspirant for FDC party presidency against Mugisha Muntu, during his campaigns, he said: “We need to set up a sound investment arm of FDC. We must look beyond what the opponent expects us to do. Look at what happened during the 2016 elections, we have few MPs because we lacked funds.”

Asked about competencies of other contenders, he said: “Ugandans should have a chance of sieving through different contenders.” About Bobi Wine popularity, he added: “I don’t want to talk about other candidate. First of all I’m not their spokesperson but I’m the face and voice of NFT. A president aspirant independent of others.”

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Public Announcement

But, he had this comment for People Power chief mobiliser. “With Bobi Wine, I call it the excitement of the highest order. You have been in parliament for three years and music for years and you assume your followers are going to be your voters. We had Lucky Dube in South Africa after Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki were president we never saw him coming to say he wants to be president.”

For 21 years, he says he has been observing, on the shoulders of “these big men”, talking of a one Opoka James [who was not a soldier but recruited them], Otika and Suleiman Kiggundu [who he says was also not a soldier] and so many other ‘leaders who couldn’t make it up to this point in time.’

Also, he added: “For 21 years of studying the social engineering network of the political opposition of Uganda is not a joke. If you have a son at 21, are you going to tell him don’t bring your wife; you’re still my son shut-up?” “So, I think 21 years of mentorship I’m now having the capacity to take the country forward.”

According to Matsiko, Ugandans need a leader who can’t sell their country to foreigners – claiming that Bobi Wine [as widely known] is not politically informed and first have to be ‘coached’ before making serious argument on economic matters.

A city businessman, Matsiko believes the contest against incumbent Museveni isn’t easy but requires “extraordinary efforts which can be found in giants like him”.

During FDC party’s delegates’ conference leading to election of new party president nearly three years ago, Matsiko said, “If you want to remove Museveni from power, you have to do it before 2021.”

“We are not going to be part of these stupid elections again. Don’t be obvious to Museveni, he knows who you want to elect but don’t give him a straight answer,” he said, in 2018.

He also tells TND News in an exclusive interview that FDC missed a chance to have him as its top leader – adding that his presidential bid started in 2015 when, “they [NRM] brought Amama Mbabazi to torture us”.

“The way Besigye and Muntu operated, they were building functional factions in FDC,” he says about the two leaders. He however, denies falling out with Besigye, revealing Besigye has done his part and should leave “to us”.

Known as Muntu’s foe, Matsiko further reveals: “I waged a war where Maj Gen Muntu was dethroned in FDC, and now there is a General in State House I’m targeting and come February 2021, he will be honourable escorted to his village home in Rwakitura.”

“I won’t lead this country for more than two terms,” he announces.

On joblessness and a better Uganda, the contender also says he’s contesting to put right was has fundamentally been done wrong.

“We have Ugandans with certificates, diplomas and degrees who are paying to go abroad and be salves.” How am I going to do this? “I’m going to document who has certificates, diplomas, and degrees from villages, parishes to get their details. We don’t have credible databases in Uganda.”

“In 34 years for Museveni, if you have not deliver it’s right. I’m not fighting for position, what we want is a better Uganda, a better job, better health system that serves the tax payers here; whether rich or poor – he or she gets services here.”

“I think Uganda needs a fresh leader, and that person is Matsiko. I’m the Suubi [hope] and I have been in the struggle since 1998.”

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