Rains have begun, it will be heavy and above normal – Ugandans told

Uganda's Capital - Kampala like any other places have always been badly affected by rainfall. Courtesy photo.

The first season rains have begun and it’s expected to be abnormal throughout – a recent statement from the Office of the Prime Minister, says.

Mr Martin Owor who’s a commissioner disaster preparedness and management in the Prime Minister’s Office in his statement to media houses dated 9, March, 2020 says, “most part of the country will experience strong winds and lightening.”

“In the coming days, massive floods and landslide are expected in sub-regions of Elgon, Rwenzori and Kigezi. People should not be caught unaware,” Mr Owor added.

Editors’ Pick:

Those living near river banks and on steep slopes should shift to homes of relatives and friends in safer locations, he adds, in a statement.

People have also been advised to do the followings:

  • Should clear drainage channels around their homes and work places.
  • People should reinforce their roofs and walls where necessary.
  • People are strongly advised not to walk or allow a driver or a boda-boda rider take them through flooded roads or bridges even if when the floods appear very low below the knees or rim of the car.
  • It takes only about 15 minutes for most flash-floods to clear. It’s advisable one waits till the flash-floods have cleared.
  • Store enough food and firewood to last three months.
  • Take extra care of children, the elderly and other vulnerable persons over the next three months.

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