WALUBIRI: UPC to field a candidate against M7 – slams govt on locusts, coronavirus 

UPC's Peter Walubiri [M] Otto Ishaa Amiza [L] and Mary Grace Amek during a press conference on Thursday

Kampala – Nearly 30 men have so far declared intentions to contest against incumbent President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in the 2021 general polls.

The 2021 general polls – maybe will see the UPC party – now engulfed in power ownership fielding a candidate against President Museveni who has been in power – since 1986.

With UPC party now divided into two – one under the leadership of Jimmy Akena Obote who’s also the Lira Municipality MP, and Peter Mukidi Walubiri who says he ascended to UPC party presidency following the death of Joseph Bossa, last year – the latter is determined and have announced participations in the coming general polls.

Mr Walubiri who addressed the media at Speak Hotel in Kampala on Thursday – was accompanied by UPC Secretary General, Issah Otto Amiza, Mary Grace Amek – an aspirant for Kwania Woman MP and Dr Dan Okello – the former Erute North MP aspirant, also the 2021 Presidential hopeful.

In the Thursday media briefing, Mr Peter Walubiri released UPC’s national roadmap for 2020/2021 – with mobilisation and recruitment of party members ‘ongoing’, followed by nationwide census (registration) of party members which he says started on 1st January 2020 and will end on 30th March, 2020.

“At our last interaction, we informed the public through you that UPC was reorganising and rebuilding. The party has continued on that path by mobilising party members and, reviving and reorganising its structures to participate effectively in the politics of Uganda, including participation in the forthcoming 2021 elections at all levels,” Mr Walubiri announces, while reading a press statement.

Public Announcement

He added: “As of this process, the party has since December 2019 been conducting a nationwide census and registration of party members. The party now confidentially reveals that, the ongoing census exercise is in its final stages of completion. The census exercise shall lead to the holding of internal party elections and meetings of the national party organs in preparations for other political activities including the forthcoming national elections….”

However, he says UPC continues to be concerned of the shrinking political space in the country, adding the opposition political parties and their leaders and supporters are not allowed to freely meet and conduct political activities in the public domain as “evidenced by the breaking up of party meetings and rallies and beatings and arrests of leaders and supporters of the opposition.”

“Although we are acutely aware of the hurdles of engaging in elections under the commercialised and militarised circumstances deliberately engineered by NRM leadership, UPC is determined to participate in the forthcoming national elections as part of its campaign for force the opening of political space and to free Uganda from the bondage of dictatorship,” Mr Walubiri added.

On handling threats, livelihood and safety of Ugandans, Walubiri led UPC says they are concerned, adding: “In particular, we castigate the ad-hoc and amateurish manner in which the NRM government has handled the locusts’ invasion and the unprofessional and uncoordinated response to the coronavirus threat. These threats deserve a better response.”

The Uganda House based UPC led by MP Jimmy Akena Obote also told TND News on Thursday that they are going to hold both national and delegates conference in June, 2020.

Speaking to TND News – Mr Fred Ebil Ebil who’s the Secretary General of the Akena led UPC, did not revealed the dates for convening such important events, adding that, “It’s with the party’s cabinet.”

Mr Ebil – like Mr Walubiri insists they are the legitimate UPC.

Prior, Mr Walubiri told media that they have been deposed by the impostor, Jimmy Akena – who has the backing of the ruling government, especially President Museveni.

In his assertion, Bossa’s successor added: “We don’t have faction – we are legitimate and there is an imposter supported by the NRM government.”

“For as long as Museveni is in Nakasero here, you will have problem in FDC, DP and UPC,” he believes.

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